Direct Democracy empowering YOU over your MP.

by Robert Brown in Stanfree, England, United Kingdom

Direct Democracy empowering YOU over your MP.
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To create a Direct Democracy political party committed to empowering YOU with information, debate & voting rights using secure technology.

by Robert Brown in Stanfree, England, United Kingdom

How do YOU feel about our Democracy today?

If democracy means anything like "freedom and equal representation for everyone" then how many people believe that our current democracy is something of a sham, and increasingly so?

For a minimum pledge of £1 you can help to change this and subject to being a member of the electorate you will have free, lifetime access to the system - a system you will have the option of helping to design.

The Problem.

Our established political system consists primarily of unelected officials. The ones actually elected after a campaign of often unreliable assertions regularly prove corrupt and/or self-interested. Our freedom translates into a highly contrived vote allowed once every five years for a pre-ordained 'blue', 'red' or 'other', with a winning 'majority' defined by the votes of a few percent of eligible voters in "marginal constituencies". As an outcome around 3 out of 4 eligible voters in a general election are left unrepresented. The "winning" 1 out of 4 have little idea what decisions will be taken on their behalf and have no further input. 

A Better Alternative?

Conversely, Direct Democracy is successfully used in many progressive countries and contexts throughout the world such as in the US (at state level) and Switzerland (national level). These systems can provide accurate, unspun facts to the electorate, facilitate discussion, enable opinions to be soundly formed, and accurately measure public opinion which can be used to directly influence policy and decision making. No need for an occasional vote or referendum, the outcomes being met with surprise and disarray by political leaders. It means the questions have already been asked and answered and ideas are developed continually. So the job of our appointed political administrators becomes not to lead public opinion with spin but simply to get on with enacting outcomes and solutions. Yes there is a lot of complicated detail. But fundamentally, what is best?...a small, personally ambitious political clique under the influence of global corporations making decisions on behalf of a country of almost 70m people,'s citizens?

Impossible...or Possible?
We have secure technology using encryption which far supersedes the security of postal votes and in-person voting. Our financial systems use it on a global scale and it is perfectly reasonable to use it to allow people access to official, fact checked and referenced information rather than relying on politically biased 'bought and paid' mainstream media, to hold civic debate and to gather public opinion accurately rather than allow a handful of people to "spin" their own blend of reality.

A Direct Democracy political party would not create an instant 'click-ocracy' revolution but could give direction to professional government administrators appointed (and legally obliged) to deliver public service in harmony with the democratic will of an informed population. This is in contrast to how currently "leaders" are regularly rewarded for misleading the public via the corporate and privately owned media.

A Pandora's Box?

Checks, balances and controls can easily mitigate extremism. Mandated commitment to equality and transparency can easily control any excesses of populism such as nationalism and racism driven by the right wing via the media, for example. The Direct Democracy oriented party would not facilitate "revolution" but would work with all stakeholders including existing political organisations and businesses to bring about a more balanced and genuine democracy which offers those who feel unrepresented the option to speak for themselves rather than rely upon a "representative" they probably do not know and will never meet.

We already have "the best of all the worst alternatives"?
The notion is flawed that existing establishment politics is a better option than empowering people, who we all tend to know from our own personal experiences of life, are in 99% of cases "decent" wherever you go in the world. A minority are unfortunately desperate, extreme or afflicted with negative views for all sorts of reasons. And, it is estimated that around 1% of population are "psychopathic" i.e. have little empathy for others, are usually very charming and personally influential and tend to become "leaders", CEO's and yes...political leaders. Such leaders have ranged from the murderous Jeremy Thorpe, the Pol Pot admiring Margaret Thatcher, to the string of recent leaders and Prime Ministers who have wrought havoc with ill informed military interventions in the Middle East and with such disastrous long term consequences. Decisions to bomb innocent people in far away countries are made not by the decent 99% but by politically motivated individuals with little empathy or conscience and this is regularly done on behalf of "the country" without consultation. The pattern of undemocratic policy and decisions will of course continue as long as we allow it.
Who is writing this appeal?

Personality politics does little for the truly democratic, fair representation of people. Therefore, I want to talk about "me" as little as possible. I am a former serviceman come technology project manager. Following a year of reflection whilst recuperating from a road accident I decided to explore if others are interested to seek positive change in how we allow ourselves to be "governed".

Project Proposal.

This proposal is for a political party to be formed with a manifesto for Direct Democracy. The first phase of the project will create an online platform for democratic engagement based on fully secure technology. Next the party constitution and manifesto will be defined through public consultation. A recruitment campaign will bring together candidates from amongst the public, for all constituencies, who will commit to the constitution and manifesto, and will self-fund their own election campaigns (and be prepared to lose their deposits). These candidates will act to represent the will of the people faithfully, or be subject to reselection. At all times, citizens will if they so choose, be able to circumvent their "representatives" on individual topics, debates and voting if they so choose. In this way, eventually, a more appropriate balance of power will be realised between those few who are powerful through establishment politics, and ourselves as citizens.

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