Direct Contact

Direct Contact

Direct Contact was created to connect people and/or institutions, in a bi-directional way between in a more private way than social networks

We did it!

On 4th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Direct Contact was created to connect people and/or institutions, in a bi-directional way between different hierarchical levels. You can just use this platform as a sole-app to keep private records from certain activities, share information and media with people you want (either you know them or don't) and get info from institutional broadcasting channels.

What can you do for us? How your donation will be invested?

Well, Direct Contact will be able to pay cloud servers, iOS development, translators, web designers, desktop app developers and making an advertising campaign on social networks to reach more users all around the globe. It's really hard and expensive to get good developers in our region and with your help we can afford foreign developers. Please, give it a try first on Google Play Store if you have any doubts! It's already working but we need more to do more! And we WANT to do more, because is more for everyone.

The full platform consists in

  • A mobile app, currently available for fully usage on Google Play Store  in English, Spanish and French!
  • A website with an OpenLayers GIS and private WMS available on
  • A desktop app with an embedded self-developed GIS engine and a lot of tools for reports treatment. This is based on a previous OpenSource project of my own made for Electronic and Open Government called El Suri. Source Code and previews are available on El Suri on sourceforge
  • A lot of tools for customizing report templates for professionals and institutions

The main idea is to connect people-people and people-institutions-people without using Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp in order to keep your life private. How can you achieve this? Well, you have no obligation to share any personal data, for example as a child student you can contact with a teacher and viceversa without even share your email, phone number or facebook profile. Keep your privacy private. Keep your life yours!

There's a lot you can do with Direct Contact:

  • Tourism, you can share full HD pictures with the group you are travelling with, and you won't have to send anything by email. The picture can be geo-tagged (if you allow to). Also you can upload some audio explanation of the picture as location, what are you doing and who you are with, etc.
  • Professional use: you can log data on-the-field without mobile/wifi data and synchronize everything once connected. Perfect for geologists, engineers, arquitects, etc.
  • Academic: child's privacy is a goal, always, and your teachers can  share exercises, queries, and receive questions as a mobile virtual course, and teacher won't have to share the private phone number
  • Institutional: any organization can use this platform for receiving reports from citizens or customers, respond the inquiries better than using e-mail, because people can report on-the-go by voice-recording. Also, the report can be transferred to another organization for treatment. Each institution will have a broadcast channel available for every platform user

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