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A short fiction film set in the modern day where a married couple face a hard time going through the loss of their son.

by Vanesa Mendelyte in London, England, United Kingdom


A fiction film set in the modern day where a family goes through a rough patch in their lives. 

The father being the one who is always working and tired to play with his 7 year old son Thomas. It is seen how day by day the father is slowly loosing it. Not just mentally but physically as well.  We often see him interact with his son however he never plays with him. Until one day he gets home and Thomas isn't waiting for him at the door like he usually does. Watch this space to find out where the story goes next when the film is released! 


We are lucky to be in the position of being able to get the equipment needed for this film from our university. As you can imagine, film equipment is large and extremely heavy, therefore transporting this equipment to and from locations can be difficult. 

With your donations, we will be able to get appropriate transport for the equipment, and our amazing cast and crew.


In order to keep our cast and crew happy and healthy with lots of energy, we need to make sure everyone is fed and watered. Your money will go towards this, helping us work through the long hours. 


As we all know, the film making process is not over once the film has been shot and edited, and we want to make sure your donations go a long way towards this project. We would like to submit our short film to a film festival which requires a submission fee. 

Thank you to everyone who took their time to read this we appreciate it! Hopefully you will love our story, any questions can always be answered. Message me if you would like to see the script. 


 Producer: Vanesa Mendelyte, our producer has worked on various different projects in the past such as multi-camera, short films and music videos. She is very organised and has great management skills which helps her work well under pressure and in a professional way. She will be doing most of the pre-production work and planning for the project so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Secondary role: Assistant director

   Cinematographer: Cynthia Experton is our cinematographer, she has quite a lot of experience in this field as she has done the DOP role for various different film projects. She also does freelancing and films commercial videos for DJ shows with live performances so she is great at thinking on the spot. Her favourite camera is Sony FS5 and this is the camera she will be using for this project as she is the most comfortable with this one. Secondary role: Production Designer/supervisor

 Director: Ayesha Awan has directed before and is comfortable in this role, she is great at working with actors and has a great vision for our film. She works closely with the cinematographer and they have a great relationship and mutual understanding on where the film is going. She has worked on camera before as well which makes her even better at directing since she understands the technicalities behind it. Secondary role: Script supervisor

 Editor: Sophie Darlington, she has been editing since she was in school so she has a lot of experience on Premiere pro which is one of the most used software’s in the film industry. Sophie’s hobby is editing so she likes to edit videos that she filmed on her holidays which means she is always trying out new techniques and working on various projects.


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