Dinghy Race Management System - The next step

by Ian Sturland in 

Dinghy Race Management System - The next step
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

This is a total dinghy race management system that has been developed by myself over the past 6 years. Time for a more professional package.

by Ian Sturland in

Hi my name is Ian

back in 2012 I saw the need to develop a better way for sailing clubs to manage their dinghy racing. There was alot of manual time keeping and recording, working out results on calculators and then, some time afterwards, you may get to see where you came in the race.

What I have put together is a software and hardware package that brings the whole racing process together from competitor sign on, race timing and finish time capture to results publication .

It may surprise you to know that there are over 1000 sailing clubs listed in the UK with countless more around the world.

My aim is to help standardise the way sailing clubs, who are largely voluntary organisations, manage their dinghy racing programme and take alot of the time and stress out of running, compiling and publishing their result.

In short, my system is a marriage of an application and hardware interface, usually run on a PC or tablet, and allows connection to the clubs' lighting and horn systems, firing them automatically. It also captures all the finisher times which allows easy results confirmation and publication via email, printer, and Website publication.

See my website here : SailRace Systems

Its time now to move on from the 'Garden Shed' and develop what I have into a more commercial product and allow me to market the system more widely.

I hope you like what you see and are able to help .. Thankyou

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