Dilemma Feature Film

by Kokoe Film in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

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Imagine a film in the style of a Hitchcock thriller but with a modern edge and much more of an unexpected twist in the tale!

by Kokoe Film in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Something of a Dilemma

We’ve made a film.

But now we need you to help us finish it.

And by doing so, you could be in our next film!


Our film, DILEMMA, began its journey as a passion project. The writer wanted a story in the style of his favourite director: Alfred Hitchcock. And so he met a well-known name in the film industry who pulled a crew together and we finished the production and principal photography was completed. Wait a minute. Completed? So why do we need you?

Because post production, sound, music and editing has still to be completed. As well as the other things a film needs to screen it and get it round the festivals and out to the wider audience, which includes you.

So please can you help us so the world of Hitchcock, noir thriller admirers can add one more cinematic experience to their amiable repertoire and we can help you connect  with the people we know and  make things interesting for you too.

Because, depending on your pledge, we could actually help you get your project off the ground or you could star in our next production and be our next Executive Producer at the same time!


DILEMMA is a full-length, noir thriller feature film about two university friends, Julian (Johnny Neal) and David (David Flanagan), who meet up in London for a reunion. Julian, a card-sharp criminal lawyer and David, a crime novelist. Over lunch, they laugh at their once mad idea of the incapability of justice and how, by kidnapping a student and proving how easy it would be to get away with their murder they could disprove the theory that justice always wins in the end. So they compare their respective journeys involving a broken marriage and old frustrations and failures, before heading off for a night of hedonism and drunkenness.

But Julian, weary of the noise of the overcrowded London bars and clubs, seeks a more secluded and sophisticated space to reflect with his old friend. And it is there that he sees the mysterious Karen (Nicole Evans).

And while David slopes off for a smoke, intrigued, Julian invites Karen to join them. But as the bar closes, wanting to carry on drinking, Karen convinces them both to go back to her room to carry on their revelry.

And it is there, in a rather opulent suite, that Karen lures them into her world as she challenges them both to play the strangest game of all.

A game she calls ‘Dilemma.'

After a night of passion, Julian awakes with a hangover as David discovers blood on his neck and, after pulling back the sheets, they discover that their one-nigt-stand has been brutally murdered while they slept!

It is then that they realise with horror that their forbidden student fantasy has reared its ugly head and come back to haunt them, and with it, the fear that eventually, the police will close the net on them and with catastrophic consequences.

And so panic sets in - and with it, the two slide into a nether world of deep fears and hallucinations as they try to deal with what they have to do with the body.

With mounting tensions between them, they eventually look to each other to solve the crime, knowing that unless they do so they will tear each other apart with counter-blame and suspicion.

Meanwhile, as they do so, a cold, stark realisation begins to dawn on them.

That nobody gets away with murder.

Or do they?

To You from the Directors

When we set out to make the film, we wanted to draw attention to a world where a growing lack of social etiquette, care and common sense can take decisions beyond  boundaries once set by values and morals. But we wanted to make the film in a Hitchcock style with a modern edge while we gave it a very sharp sting in the tale.

For a starting pledge of about the price of a front row cinema ticket you will  see the finished film as soon as it is approved by the writer and director for release."

But for a little bit more, why not join us and walk the red carpet with the press, cast and crew - and while you are there, meet the people we know and network with.

But wait ...  for even more, you could walk yourself into your own film's success and IMDB credit history as well as meeting some very influential filmmakers (as well as the odd, award-winning crew, composers and directors and producers - our red carpet event plans to invite quite a few people that our well-known director/producer has met over the years).

But before you do that, we are where we are and now we face our own Dilemma. We cannot do any of this without you. We need you to add the icing on this very nice cake and to help us to finish the film into post production. If you can do that we can start the screenings, create the networking and begin to help you with your next film.

So please, give your heart out and put as much as you can into this production so we can do the same for you and yours.

But even if you have no production or compunction to grebe  lead role or EP role, please give in any case and come and meet us. We need you all the same.

Thank you.

The Directors

Goals and Giving

We have already absorbed the costs of the film’s development, script writing and overall production (as well as the principal photography which is finished).
We already brought in a professional crew to shoot the film and the results far outweighed our expectations (see the preview we put together to show you).

But it was when our Director had a meeting with a professional distributor who told us that we had created a strong film and we needed more of a heavyweight editor.  that he introduced us to his colleague and, as of reading this, we now have a professional, award-winning editor waiting to finish cutting the film.

And then we met an award-winning composer at one of our network events. And we now have an award-winning composer who has said that he would like to create a stunning Hitchcock-esque soundtrack. But there is even more to that too. He will  give a Masterclass in Cinematic Music Composition to those that pledge those tiers!

So you can see why we are excited about finishing this film.

What about the money we raise? Well, all of the money raised will be used on the film. From post production to screenings for you and other perks where you are invited to accompany entries into film festivals, meeting people, the events and more - every penny will be spent to make Dilemma the sort of release it needs.

Stretch Goals

Raising even more means we will be able to cover the costs of helping other filmmakers who choose the MASTERCLASS perks and mentor pledges so none of the money will go to waste.

Every little bit will help.

So please give whatever you can, help us and help your career and help the Indie Film Community to grow. 

Thank you for your time.




Dilemma's Cast

We were  honoured and  genuinely appreciated every bit of time our crew and cast put in to this production. We would not only love to thank them here for their efforts (and their great company - as well as the laughs we had). It truly was a pleasure working with everyone and they all put in  everything they could and spent more than the hours we hd to make it happen.

Bravo to you all!

So here is our talented cast. Please give them all a round of applause.


Johnny Neal plays Julian, a tough lawyer from the city. Johnny is an actor and writer, known for Rope (The Immutable Facts of Life and Death) 2018, Retribution (2017) and The Family (2016). He performed on stage with Ian McKellen at the National Theatre. He played Ian McKellen 's son in the 1997 production of An Enemy of the People at the National Theatre. Johnny Neal also has an uncredited role in A Christmas Carol (1999) which starred one of Ian McKellen's closest friends; Patrick Stewart. (Johnny is a rising star on the up and up so keep an eye out for him).


David Flanagan plays David, the aspiring writer. He is an actor based in London with TV, FIlm and Stage experience. He is known for Measure for Measure (2018), Playing Wolf in Daibhéid Mac Flainn (2018 and starring in The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert Hall. (2017) and for playing Michael Hunt in the Knitting Pattern (2017) and Eastenders (2017). He has also written several plays and short films.


Nicole Evans plays Karen, the mysterious woman who makes sparks fly (and she certainly does that). She recently starred alongside Eric Roberts in a new movie by (and starring) Michael Flatley (Blackbird 2018). Other film credits include a role in Captain America: The First Avenger and she has upcoming roles in features: I'm Sorry, Into the Mirror and Hushed. As well as lead roles in promising TV pilots: STICKY TIMES and INNERVIEW, she played TITANIA in the Northern Rep’s MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and OLIVIA in TWELTH NIGHT for Page-2-Stage Theatre. Nicole has done extensive work including comedy in sketches with UniLad and Live performances with Improv group MOUTHING OFF.


Paulette P. Williams is a well known actress who has worked extensively in Hollywood and around the world, she is known for A Leading Man (2013), Hollywood-based, US Cop series, C.A.T.s (Covert Anti-Espionage Team) as Cassie King (2012) The Three of Us (2015) as well as earlier roles in About a Boy (where she was the bitter, Ex-Girlfriend (as Paulette Williams). (2002), Alice Through the Looking Glass (1998) and Where the Heart Is (21 episodes, 2000-2001) and she also played Charlotte in HIGHLANDER.


Kerry Newton is a British actress, film fighter and singer. Known for her work in 'The Dark Kingdom', 'Street Blood' and 'Musicality' and her upcoming project playing the lead role of WWE wrestler Chyna in a drama for ITV Studios as well as several leading roles in shorts (and more feature and productions to come). After a career in musical theatre and plays she turned to the small screen with a variety of television and film roles and trained in armed and unarmed combat.

The Music

The music for DILEMMA needs to be carefully composed and orchestrated. At first, our composer asked us if we wanted to look at engaging an orchestra but the budget wold not allow that. But what we are hoping to aim for with the work of our composer is to reflect a Hitchcock style that pays homage to his incredible vision while at the same time reflect a modern tense (and yes, in in every sense of the word). With this, we decided to give away a MASTERCLASS to the lucky 10 people who click on that perk and get it and who wish to follow that career journey.

DILEMMA’S Producer/Director Team


Peter has worked on over 100 films with many film & production companies. such as Paramount, Columbia, CIC, MGM, Disney, etc. As DILEMMA’s Producer, Director and DOP, he has more than a broad amount of experience both working in and on production for film and TV and in promoting and marketing for distribution, over 100 films. He has helped numerous Indie Producers make their own films and his broad scope of networking and contacts has helped filmmakers achieve their passion. He helped launch the highly successful TV Series ‘Voyager’ and ‘Deep Space Nine’ and has worked with BMG and Virgin Entertainment on a broad range of home video products as well as working with with a range of A-Listers like Tom Cruise and Sir Richard Attenborough (with whom he worked direct on Miracle on 34th Street).

As one of the two Directors working as a team with the writer on DILEMMA, Peter is also developing a new thriller and is making a number of short films while he and his studios finish work on a number of music videos and new signings. A busy but active and passionate member of the DILEMMA crew, as a DIRECTOR in his own right Peter holds the creative and artistic skill to deliver the film and as its DOP, oversaw the vision and final look of it. He has filmed on Sony, Canon and Panasonic formats but is an avid and passionate RED fan.


Brian is the writer of the original story and the other Director working with Peter on DILEMMA. Brian always held a passion for (and is a huge fan of) master filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock. And it was Hitchcock’s films that inspired Brian to write DILEMMA in the first place. Brian has written several stories with a view to transpose them into film and he has a passion for writing. Spending his time watching films in the noir and horror genres, his desire is to achieve his dream.

Brian wrote the first script for the film and began casting for it while looking for a DOP / Producer to help him move his original concept to principal photography and it was during that time that he first met Peter to ask his company to help produce the film and bring it to fruition. From that moment, everyone has worked hard to bringing DILEMMA to its current phase (even our Sound Recordist, Sam Braybrook - see below).

KOKOE Production Values

Kokoe Film put a high value stamp on the way DILEMMA was produced and took it from its original idea based in a seedy hotel to more of a ‘Basic Instinct’  meets ‘The Loft’ level - and Kokoe sourced a fabulous location to film it - a unique penthouse apartment high above London.

“We spent months looking for a place large enough to accommodate while removing the set building costs. The location that we found gave us more than an edge. It gave us a look that we think has made the film the success it has been so far. Reception. Bar. Hotel. Room. All of them in this apartment gave us the very private and sectioned off, easily accessible area with production management in the centre (allowing for camera set up area and DIT) and we even had our own kitchen and facilities with bedrooms with en-suites for make-up!” - Peter J Tisma. Director.

It was a dream location to realise the shoot (and all made possible with the help of JJ Media - our professional location management company who did a very professional and superb job and deserve all the credit for such an amazing place).

If you'd like to check out Kokoefilm's work (there is a lot going on at the moment) but  click on this link to view their showreel.


Here are all of the perks in their tier order. If you choose anything below GOLD, then the tier will not give you access to the higher event and networking levels so choose the right tier for the right results you are looking for.

We will do the rest.

FRONT ROW SEAT is our basic level. But you will se the film via a DIGITAL COPY ONLINE. As well as a PERSONAL THANK YOU from the team for being the backbone of our support. 

LATE NIGHT OUT will get you a  DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM and an ONLINE THANK YOU from the PRODUCTION TEAM as well as a SIGNED POSTER of the film. You will also earn a SHOUT OUT on our Social media Pages (which will put you in contact with our network)! So choose this pledge accordingly.

BRONZE AWARD is likely to be among our most popular of the awards because of what it gives you. You can see the benefits in the  banner above. With it you will get a VIP INVITE to a Screening in London (exc. travel). PLUS - A DIGITAL VERSION of the FILM and a SIGNED POSTER, a copy of the DILEMMA SCRIPT, plus a mention on the FILM’S END CREDITS, plus an ONLINE NAMED THANK YOU from the PRODUCTION, plus a smart, Campaign Supporter’ banner for your Facebook page as well as a SHOUT OUT on our Social Media to our network.

SILVER AWARD is where things start moving upwards. YOUR NAME (or company) will be added on the CREDITS section of the MOVIE. You will be our VIP Guest on a Red Carpet Secret Screening with the opportunity to network with industry people. PLUS A SIGNED ART POSTER presented to you. A‘one-off’ signed by cast and crew. PLUS A DIGITAL COPY of the FILM. Plus, meet the cast and crew at the VIP Screening. PLUS a printed, signed copy of the DILEMMA SCRIPT. PLUS a ‘Dilemma Campaign Supporter’ banner for your Facebook page. PLUS a ‘Mystery Gift’ Prop from the movie. (This could be DCI Steele’s ID Badge or her unmarked car's flashing police car lights)! Over 30 props are available for this one and early birds get to choose which props they want). You will also earn a SHOUT OUT on our Social media Pages (which will put you in contact with our network)!

GOLD EXECUTIVE is where things move up towards the 'connection' and major networking area of the tiers. Because no matter who you are, you will get to be in our NEXT MOVIE! Your Name or Company will be added on the CREDITS roll of the MOVIE. You will be our VIP Guest at the Red Carpet Secret Screening in London (exc. travel). PLUS you can bring ONE GUEST at the Red Carpet screening. PLUS - SIGNED ART poster presented to you. PLUS YOU will be coming to the VIP Gold Network AFTER Party. PLUS you will receive a DIGITAL COPY of the film. PLUS a printed SIGNED copy of the DILEMMA SCRIPT. PLUS a Premier Brochure. PLUS a Campaign Supporter’ banner for your Facebook page. PLUS an ONLINE NAMED THANK YOU from the PRODUCTION. PLUS you will attend a VIP NETWORKING EVENT! (This is a separate networking event that will bring you face to face with key people in the Indie Industry). You will also earn a SHOUT OUT on our Social media Pages (which will put you in contact with our network)!

MASTERCLASS -is an AWARD WINNING COMPOSER PERK with ‘DOUBLE DIP’ privileges). This is your big break as a cinematic composer and it starts right here! PLUS a credit as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of MUSIC! PLUS you can bring ONE GUEST to the  VIP Red Carpet screening. PLUS as a MASTERCLASS MEMBER you will receive a tuition course by the Award-Winning Music Composer of the Soundtrack for DILEMMA. Our Music Composer will teach you how to score a thriller and make your compositions more powerful. PLUS a CD signed to you by our award winning composer. PLUS a DIGITAL COPY of the FILM signed by the Executives. PLUS receive the SCORE NOTES of DILEMMA, signed by the composer. PLUS a MASTERCLASS MUSIC COMPOSER Book. PLUS a ‘DILEMMA CONSULTANT COMPOSER’ banner for your Facebook page with that credit on our CREDIT ROLL. You will also earn a SHOUT OUT on our Social media Pages (which will put you in contact with our network)! 

MASTERCLASS - DIRECTOR / PRODUCER is a whole new level of tier and really does constitute a major break for you with a FREE CONSULTATION ON YOUR NEXT MOVIE by him! Our Head of Production is an award-winning Pro who offers you over 25 years experience in his marketing of films like Jurassic Park and Star Wars and for helping Paramount launch two series of Star Trek (as well as 100,'s of other blockbusters). Don't only learn how to make your film. Consult how to sell it to the world. How to prep, develop, plan, budget, produce, build, cast, research, write, breakdown and direct. The session includes a host of ‘tips and tricks’ to make your film! PLUS The MASTERCLASS - PRODUCER DIRECTOR MANUAL and a CERTIFICATE. PLUS you can bring A GUEST to our VIP Red Carpet screening. PLUS - receive a printed SIGNED DILEMMA SCREENPLAY made out to you. PLUS a DIGITAL COPY of the FILM signed to you by the Kokoe Film Executives. PLUS a PRINTED STORYBOARD our Director / DOP used with notes and directions. Learn how we posed shots, made them work and how they were positioned in the film to ease continuity of cut for the editor. PLUS be our VIP Guest of Honour at one of our Festival Screenings with a SHOUT OUT while you are there. PLUS - Attend the AFTER PARTY with the press. Meet industry names and network the room! PLUS receive an ONLINE NAMED THANK YOU from the PRODUCTION.
DOUBLE DIP. Only this tier includes the GOLD PERK ITEMS!

And now the biggest and best of all of all tiers and perks:

You will star in and / or help PRODUCE our NEXT movie

In this perk you will be guaranteed a SPEAKING ACTING PART or an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ROLE (your choice) in our next movie along with an IMDB credit. PLUS - THE TWO MASTERCLASSES & GOLD AWARDS. PLUS - IN ASSOCIATION WITH (YOUR NAME) CREDIT at the front of the movie.

Receive an IMDB credit for BOTH DILEMMA our next NEW FILM as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER no matter your choice.

As well as all this you will receive 4 TICKETS to every VIP Screening. 2 TICKETS to our VIP AFTER PARTY so you can mingle with industry people and make connections with them  (like Producers, Directors, DOP's, Editors, Composers, Sound Engineers and more. This evening will put you in touch with many people that you would not normally have access to. PLUS a rolling end CREDIT as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (with an IMDB listing for the 2 credits). PLUS - DIRECTOR/PRODUCER MASTERCLASS with a FREE CONSULTATION ON YOUR NEXT MOVIE but this one is a ONE-2-ONE with our Director & DOP. PLUS - ALL MASTERCLASS ITEMS. PLUS ALL SCRIPTS, POSTERS, DOP STORY BOARD & MANUALS.


PLUS A SPECIALLY MADE DVD OF THE FILM signed to you by the Kokoe  Executives in Charge of Production and numbers as an award. 

PLUS - you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT signed by the EXECUTIVES of KOKOE STUDIOS with y9u named on it as our PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE - This will be awarded to you on the NIGHT of the AFTER PARTY along with a SPECIAL PROP as your 'ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR - AWARD.'

                                                  * * *

Crowd Funding Requirements

This is an overview of the costs required to finish the film to the sort of standard we would like to see on the big screen. Although most of these costs are set in stone like editing and music - they are hard and fast so we need to achieve those.

Everything else is to pay for the events and resources for you to connect at a higher level with us and help us help you to move forward in this fantastic industry.

EDITOR —> £5,000 - £7500

We need our award winning editor to complete the rough cut and make us a final cut for final approval but his time will depend on the money we can raise.
So whether he will work full or part time on Dilemma’s editing depends on you.
Also, depending on the money raised, will dictate if our editor handles the grading or we use a professional facilities house.

COLOURIST —> £1,500

A good colourist will correct the footage and grade the film in a style that will enhance the shots and make the film's stylisation. It will enhance and remove conflicts and produce a grade and final film that will give it a noir, ‘Hitchcock look’.
A colourist is one of the most important members of the post production process.

SOUND —> £1,500

Sound is one of the most vital elements of a successful film. From ADR corrections, where actors lines might be distorted or difficult to hear corrected in post to the sound emphasising of walking on floor boards, glasses, the background of a busy bar or the rustle of leaves, walking in a forest etc. All of these will enhance a film and the overall delivery to the audience. But this is up to you, so the more you give the more we can add.

MUSIC —> £3,000

Music can make a production or leave it flat. If you had Hans Zimmer attached to the project then your cares and woes would be over. But while we went out looking for that level of competence and style, we need to see how our pledges go before we approach either an award winner (whom we already have waiting in the wings for the results of our pledges) or a total newbie.

Crowdfunding and Fees

Crowdfunding: Set. --> 3%. £59-£60 for very £1,000 raised.

Set. 4%

£550.00 —> £750
We need this to promote and to give away items such as tickets, cards and posters and brochures at the events and screenings and make up the artwork for them.

SCREENINGS —> £3,000

Red carpet events with press and cast and crew will cost from £550 per cinema to the higher goal to do them well so the more the lower tiers give, the better and bigger we can make the screenings and the events that are attached to them.

Please aim for the higher tiers to get more out of these events and to meet more people. However, note that only the higher tiers above GOLD status will be given the chance to network with industry names and friends who will attend the screenings.

OTHER FEES —> £1,000

Expenses for miscellaneous, out-of-pocket expenses should allow at least £500+ if we need to follow up on localised potential selections and attend film festivals etc. In Indie film budgeting, up to 10% of budget can account for expenses.



Our target amount is £18,000, we require at least this figure to see everything here up and running. Our stretch goal is an 'ideal world' figure that we would like to achieve so we can engage some top people in the industry and have them help us with the events (as well as attending the network connections with you).

TARGET REQUIRED: £18,000-£20,000
STRETCH TARGET : £22,000-23,000+

What do you get out of this?

Quite a lot if you choose the upper tier perks. But knowing that you helped make any good film happen is a buzz (and you will be credited for it). Not only gaining an IMDB credit but enjoying the participation is all part of the giving process. From credits on our web site to thank you's to our network of connections (we know around 240,000 people so you will find that good exposure for you helps you too). 

And we will support your pledges with more thank you’s and shout outs on our social media (which is already up and running - see the links), as well as copies of the film, signed artworks by writers/directors, originals scripts used on set etc. etc. as well as other perks like specially-commissioned posters (designed by an award winning designer) and props (and so many more surprise gifts we haven't even mentioned).

“This will not be like most other crowd funders because we aim to keep in touch with you all so grab those bigger pledges and get yourself a chance for many a one-off invite to many future screenings as an extra gift!”

“Network the room with industry people from famous producers to actors and other marketing and distribution pro’s.”

With your help it can happen too!

For the starting pledge of the cost of a cinema ticket, you will see the film. But the more you give, the more every pledge will get you higher up the ladder into the industry and, with the help of our studios and the people you will network with, you can live the dream as well as helping us make your dreams come true!

So the more you give the more we will give back to you!

After all, isn't that what community is all about?

Happy pledging and good luck!

*    Gold Levels and Above.
Transport or accommodation is not provided.
Tote Bags may contain your perks or not depending on the number of perks chosen.
You may only choose either a lead actor or an Executive role in the PLATINUM TIER but you will receive both actor and EP credits in the roll credits.

Last, a bit of legal. You acknowledge that your contribution as a pledge and afterwards (whether financial or otherwise) does not entitle you to any rights in or income from our DILEMMA Project or any future projects and that you understand that none of the pledges or offers or any perks contained herein entitle you to any ownership or control or intellectual property rights in anything or for anything or over anything. In other words, its your support that matters. Thank you.

(Above: Nicole Evans - made up and ready for her first take as the mysterious Karen.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

0 of 100 claimed


A VIP Screening of DILEMMA in London (exc. travel). PLUS - DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM - PLUS SIGNED poster - PLUS a copy of the DILEMMA SCRIPT - PLUS a mention on the FILM’S END CREDITS - PLUS: ONLINE NAMED THANK YOU from the PRODUCTION TEAM - PLUS - Campaign Supporter’ banner for your Facebook page.

£20 or more


Includes: A DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM and a BIG THANK YOU from all of the production team.

£30 or more



£95 or more

0 of 40 claimed


Includes: Name/Company added on CREDITS - VIP Guest - Red Carpet Secret Screening - Network with industry people - PLUS - SIGNED ART poster - PLUS - DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM - PLUS - meet cast and crew at VIP Screening - PLUS - Signed copy of DILEMMA SCRIPT PLUS - ‘Campaign Supporter’ banner for your Facebook page - PLUS - ‘Mystery Gift’ Prop. Over 30 props available.

£170 or more

0 of 25 claimed


Be in our NEXT MOVIE! - Name/Company added on CREDITS - VIP Red Carpet Secret London Screening - PLUS BRING A GUEST - PLUS - SIGNED ART poster - PLUS - VIP Gold AFTER Party - PLUS - DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM - PLUS - Signed copy of DILEMMA SCRIPT - PLUS - Premier Brochure - PLUS - Campaign banner Facebook - PLUS - ONLINE NAMED THANK YOU from the PRODUCTION - PLUS - SEPARATE VIP NETWORKING EVENING (leading industry event).

£250 or more

0 of 10 claimed


Your big break as a cinematic composer! How to score a thriller and make your compositions more powerful. A live session with the award winning composer of DILEMMA. PLUS a CD signed to you by the composer. PLUS DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM signed by the Executives. PLUS Score notes. PLUS MASTERCLASS BOOK. PLUS DILEMMA MUSIC CONSULTANT FB Banner. PLUS IMDB Credit as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/MUSIC. PLUS BRING A GUEST to the VIP RED CARPET SCREENING.

£340 or more

0 of 15 claimed


Your major break. FREE 1-1 CONSULTATION ON YOUR NEXT MOVIE. An award-winning Pro offers over 25 years experience from marketing films like Jurassic Park and Star Wars. How to make your film. How to sell your film to the world. How to prep, develop, plan, budget, cast, write, breakdown and direct. Includes a host of ‘tips and tricks’ to make your film happen! INCLUDES +++ - (SEE BANNER FOR MORE INFO).

£1,200 or more

0 of 5 claimed



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