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On 1st December 2017 we successfully raised £1,657 with 37 supporters in 65 days

To turn our PROJECTS into PRODUCTS and develop an INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME that gives individual opportunities of WORK and SOCIAL INCLUSION.

by Dignify CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to do something about HOMELESSNESS but wondered what to do?


We believe that long-term homelessness is about far more than housing. Rough sleeping takes people further down the path of exlusion. Exclusion has an effect that needs solutions, just as much as the obvious visable needs we see when people are sleeping rough.

Dignify has the people skills that allow people to contribute  in way that  develops RESPONSIBILITY through developing: WORK, SOCIAL, PRACTICAL, INTERPERSONAL and LITERACY SKILLS all leading towards INCLUSION in society. With all kinds of practical help we have been piloting a few project ideas of how to include people. We have had over 30 people involved at different levels, developing all kinds of WORK and SOCIAL skills in the process.

We want to turn our PROJECTS below into enterprising PRODUCTS. That is where you come into our picture. We are fundraising to:

1. Print the first batch of our Magazine: an educational magazine on homelessness and areas often linked to or intensified by homelessness. It is a voice for people to share their experience and in doing so we are working towards a change of perceptions, attidudes and solutions to homelessness. Over 20 people have been involved so far. The final stages will be completed through people on our internship programme!

2. To print 3 of our word- search puzzle books that are being created by people involved in our programme. The word-search books are a great way to build esteem, literacy and digitial skills. Over 25 people have been involved in its creation. It will be completed with the help of one of our interns as they learn graphic design and digital printing skills.

3. To develop a structured work and social inclusion programme for people experiencing homelessness. Over the next year we want to develop our pilot into a structured programme for 12 people and see them develop closer towards society inclusion in all kinds of ways. 

We love the development opportunities that our projects have created for individuals, we love seeing people using their skills with us instead of begging, we love seeing peoples' self esteem and confidence increase, we love seeing people do something such as type on the computer for the first time, we love seeing people enjoy developing areas of interest such as photography and writing, we love people feeling included!

Help us fight homelessness and  exclusion through INCLUSION. We will up-date you on a monthly basis of the kinds of impact the projects are having and how they are developing on the home page of our up and coming website!

Thanks for looking at our crowd funding page, Dignify


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A free copy of our magazine or one of our puzzle books and/or 10% discount on our online shop or at our shop base.

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A free copy of our magazine or one of our puzzle books and/or a 25% discount on our online shop or at our shop base.

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A free copy of our magazine or one of our puzzle books and/or a 50% discount of a transaction from our online shop.

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