Digital-self & Virtual fashion

by SUMB0D1 in London, England, United Kingdom


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The aim is to show that digital can be fashionable. We have a chance to change the way we view ourselves and others in the digital space.

by SUMB0D1 in London, England, United Kingdom

We believe we are moving into the roaring twenties of technology and fashion and we are about to see a huge wave of creativity come as we did, back after the 1st world war. History has a way of repeating itself. 

Let's come out of the pandemic with a positive vibe towards a greener tech future.

These next coming months and early years will be exciting for both fashion and technology, having already seen the likes of fashion brands Burberry, and Balenciaga, as well as magazines like Conde Nast and Dazed, start to embrace the digital world. This agency we created is deeply embedded with diversity and representation with the HUMAIN models. We created this first digital agency to shine a light on all races, sexes, ages, disabilities, shapes, and sizes and show all can be accepted and will continue to build and create as we have a chance to change the way we use and view the internet with these avatars.

The agency is a part of the bigger vision that is the SUMB0D1 platform that creates and implements a new business model, a new way of thinking, and innovation for positive environmental change for our fashion industry towards net-zero targets. At the digital atelier, we have also set up within the platform, we will reduce the need for sampling, shipping, and showing physical fashion as we can create from sketch to digital 3D mockup of the clothes and present them fully rendered virtual hyper-realistic worlds. Having trained in 'traditional' fashion and working in the space of wearables tech in fashion for 15 years, we are a safe pair of hands when it comes to explaining the two worlds. 

 We wanted to open this process out to anyone who wants to turn themselves into a digital avatar so for a limited time we have a number of places to create a digital carbon copy of yourself or to create a digital earthling to exist in the digital realm or if you like, we could dress your physical self in digital clothes from our digital wardrobe.

Let’s create a digital army together of all races, sexes, ages, disabilities, shapes, and sizes.

Your Avatar 
Once you have ordered your avatar we will email you and we can start the design process of the avatar together. We will do two rounds of feedback and amendments on the avatar before creating and rendering the final images.

Then we can chat about uploading them to the HUM.AI.N site. Should you want your avatar to be in the AI agency we will send/pitch them to brands to be selected for shows or shoots, Should your avatar be picked we will send you hi-res images for you to use on your social media platforms. not to mention you'll get royalties on your avatar.

*** We can also offer to create other digital outfits for a small additional fee***

1623080938_portrait_unix.jpgUNIX | CLOSEUP NATURAL BEAUTY SHOT

1623080985_mosi_stine_goya.jpgMOSI | CLOSE-UP SHOT WEARING DIGITAL STINE GOYA

1623081022_java_prada.jpgJAVA | WEARING DIGITAL INSPIRED PRADA


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Help build and join a digital community to show the fashion industry that you want fashion to go more digital. By helping, We can create more virtual avatars, designer garments, and virtual spaces to show that overconsumption and deadstock can be a thing of the past. As a huge thank you, you’ll be amongst the first to be invited exclusively to any and all of the events, shows, launches, and collaborations we do in the near future.

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It goes without saying you're invited to everything we do. Have you ever wanted to be a model? We will create a digital copy of yourself. Work alongside us to create yourself digitally. We will create an avatar based on how you see yourself in the new world. We will create an image of you and your digital self and even a moving clip of your avatar walking around one of our virtual spaces. digital outfit - see wardrobe once emailed

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Sure you'll get the invites to everything we do. Once we have created the digital you. We will add them to the virtual ai modeling agency -* be sent for casting & participate in shows and shoots*. We will also create an image of you and your digital self, We'll also create a digital shoot of three images of you and your avatar wearing any of the digital garments we have created. digital wardrobe to be emailed over

Let's make 'Digital-self & Virtual fashion' happen

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