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Digital Dyslexia Assistant

A downloadable digital computer assistant revolutionising computer use for those with dyslexia and mental needs. A fifth of the population!

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by Aiken Furlong


Virgin Voom 2016

A brand new downloadable digital computer assistant that revolutionises computer use for people with dyslexia (one-tenth of the UK population) and other special educational needs (one-fifth of the UK population) in the classroom, workplace, home, entertainment and all mobile devices. It is scientifically proven that this assistant will drastically help change and benefit millions of lives easily and cheaply in the UK alone! (and billions of lives worldwide!) It is built to increase productivity and making life quicker and easier taking the hassle out of computers making users wonder how they could ever have done without it. Schools would much rather pay £5000 pounds a year for a digital assistant that can help every student in the whole school at the same time than around £20,000 for a teaching assistant that can only help one student at a time. Therefore, the Digital Dyslexia Assistant will lead the way into the future replacing smaller jobs and saving schools money; the new budget means schools have just had their budgets cut even more! 

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With multiple uses this simple, attractive, downloadable addition to your computer will revolutionise the way millions of people use their computer. If you are dyslexic, dyspraxia or have dysphasia, then this is for you. More than one in ten people have dyslexia so there is a huge demand for a cheap, simple and revolutionary product like this. It will offer a series of different options to help drastically improve your computer life. We will offer the following in the Digital Dyslexia Assistant: Digital Dyslexia Assistant will colour text and background which drastically helps dyslexic users read better and quicker. Digital Dyslexia Assistant will also work as a reader. It will also have oral and picture definitions of individual words. Digital Dyslexia Assistant will have digital flash cards and printable templates to help students learn vocabulary. Digital Dyslexia Assistant will also feature a wide range of fun and interactive games to help improve spelling, memory and alphabet skills. As an extra it will include zooming in areas of the screen to again help the user to read. Digital Dyslexia Assistant will include a motivational reward system, with earnable badges and levels. It will also make day to day use of the computer far easier for anyone with dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysphasia and for anybody with special educational needs. It is scientifically proven that these methods will be instrumental in making a significant step towards solving the problems faced by the dyslexic and those with special needs. The potential market for the Digital Dyslexia Assistant is immense. This product will mainly be sold to schools to help students. Schools in the UK spend around 10% of their budget on Special Educational Needs. It can be used by every primary and secondary school as a subscribable downloadable digital assistant and learning software. It would be sold via a website. However, the computer package will be widely available, in different formats (home edition, school edition, work edition, ect.), to anyone and everyone via the app store. It can be used at home, for language learning and spelling. At the workplace, to make your day to day computer use easier. Or simply to make reading easier at home. It is open to people of any ages and can be used on the computer, tablet, phone and your kindle or e-reader. I am aware that to succeed Digital Dyslexia Assistant would require funding and investment to develop the digital product before it could be marketed to the right consumers and sold on an international scale. ©aikenfurlong copyright of Aiken Furlong 2016


When I was sitting at my computer and reading through the Times Educational Supplement (TES) it hit me how simple it would be to make everything easier for millions of people. I looked on the internet for Digital Assistants but found nothing, nor did I find a thing for Dyslexia Assistants or and sorts of special needs assistants. Nothing could be found in the app store, Windows Store, Play Store, Chrome Store, Samsung store, Chrome Extension shop or any other digital markets. The best help I could find was a laggy badly made website called Quizzlet that had three games to help learn vocab (Digital Dyslexia Assistant would have hundreds of fun, interactive, engaging games). If this is all that competition out there then the Digital dyslexia Assistant would be in certain monopoly. I am surprised no one has noticed the market for mental disabilities. It is even a law in the UK that all educational institutes and firms must help those with disabilities; there is no alternative to helping the dyslexic and others with SMN (special mental needs). Businesses and schools would also want to increase productivity. We believe that it is possible to charge schools £2000-£5000 a year, Scott Palmer of a British primary school agreed he would certainly be interested in a brand new digital support package. The package is digital so would COST NOTHING TO MANUFACTURE and the profit would be immense. We could charge £65 for a home version and £4.99 for the app for kindles, e-readers, iPpads, tablets, iPhones, android phones, windows phones and phablets and iPods. I tested a homemade version of coloured text and speech text on my sister who agreed it helped her hugely.

In the first year, we programme and design games, systems and a clean flash interface. In the second year, we go round to schools and businesses in person to sell them the Digital Dyslexia Assistant. Meanwhile, programmers and technicians are developing a mobile app, tablet app, phablet app, and e-reader app, and web extension. In the third year, we launch an extensive advertising campaign and launch the many apps to the public. While all this is going on, Digital Dyslexia Assistant Company can develop new products like special laptops and special keyboards and microphones etc. We continue to upgrade and develop and advertise and sell to new businesses and educational institutes until the seventh year. By the seventh year, we hope to have all debt paid off and we go from being a Ltd to becoming a profitable Plc. As we enter the eighth year, we enter the expansion phase. This is where we expand into other English speaking countries. From there the Digital Dyslexia Assistant Company Plc will decide on the next route of business.


This Digital Computer Assistant will be in instant monopoly and with extremely low manufacturing costs profits would be astronomical. It is scientifically proven that these simple methods, which have been approved and recommend by TES (The Times Educational Supplement), The Dyslexia Association, N.U.T. (a renowned teachers union) and on S.E.N.D. (special educational needs and disabilities), will drastically change millions of lives in the UK alone!

Richard Branson (CEO and founder of Virgin and the brains behind Virgin Voom 2016) dropped out of school at the age of 16 mainly due to issues with his dyslexia. If only this company had been around then: Sir Richard would have had the option to continue his education. And he could have worked with a whole load of features such as advanced AI learning spell check and 'touch n read' and zoom and text enlargement, text colouring, bold text, speech text, etc. and a coloured keyboard to improve typing, the list of revolutionary features goes on and on. We want it to be so the education of millions of struggling minds with brand new Digital Dyslexia Assistant can go on as long as they choose.

Please choose the too good to be true Digital Dyslexia Assistant so it can change lives in this new market with huge business opportunity (and profits) and little competition.

"Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming." Richard Branson (founder of Virgin)

"I promise you that the next big market and triple decker bus is the mental health industry and the digital world" Aiken Furlong (founder of Digital Dyslexia Assistant)


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