Digital Army 4 Labour

by Adam Knight in Andover, England, United Kingdom

Digital Army 4 Labour
We did it
On 29th December 2019 we successfully raised £215 with 16 supporters in 28 days

To see a Labour Government elected on 13th December 2019. We need to spread the word as far as possible using Facebook Ads.

by Adam Knight in Andover, England, United Kingdom

We all know that feeling, you're raging about the injustices in society and you start bashing buttons all over Social Media and tumbling down rabbit holes of online videos.

That's why we've created the PAC #BLITZ plan that will give you a strategy based on how Social Media platforms algorithms work.

We need to spread the word as much as possible and be able to produce content in the next two weeks that can be used by activists all around the country.

During that last election, we raised £1000 and reached 4.7m on Facebook alone. We're looking to try and 10x that and reach a large chunk of the population and help those that need it to have the persuasive conversations with the family, friends and co-workers.

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