Digital advertising dispensers with hand sanitiser

Digital advertising dispensers with hand sanitiser

Help small businesses stand out amongst big businesses through my affordable advertising dispensers. Local advertising for local businesses.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My company Unique Ads Ltd is a new and innovative business, concentrating on local advertising for small to medium sized businesses.

We believe small local businesses are not getting the exposure they need to better their revenue. Therefore we have a solution and that is the Digital advertising dispensers,  which advertises digital images and videos as well as dispensing hand sanitiser liquid to keep germs away.

The product is unique and will help small businesses advertise their services to their local area, through local retail outlets, restaurants, doctors surgeries etc.

My company is looking to begin  with 20 screens and then increase to 40 screens within the first year. That would be a turnover £240,000 in year 1. This is very achievable as there isn't an advertising tool for local business that can deliver direct to their potential customer.