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by Joshua Martin in London, England, United Kingdom


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DigiBarber will make your trip to barber shop affordable as well as fun, Whilst also providing jobs and careers within your local community

by Joshua Martin in London, England, United Kingdom

Our Journey:

The Digibarber journey actually started over 2 years ago in mid 2016. Initially the idea was spawned out of frustration. Far too often was I spending my Saturday mornings rushing to get to the barber shop, only to have to wait for hours in some cases. So I joined forces with a friend to see what the big solution was here. During this time we studied, shadowed and even recruited barbers to ensure we were going delivery a service fit for purposes. A combined total of almost 2500 hours have gone into building something truly beautiful for the barber and the end user.

But little did we know this was only the beginning. Once we got started we soon discovered that there is so many adverts our there for new barbers. Almost as if the field was having a changing of the guard.             "We want to be a British company for UK Barbers that empowers Customers. We are changing the way Customers freely dispose of their time. Forever"

DIGIBARBER HQ a Modern Youth Club:

"Lets empower the next generation - it needs to be hands on"                            Over a very strong coffee we got speaking the a team who work in youth development. This was the birth of the second DigiBarber baby, DigiBarber HQ school of barbering. Different too many of the mainstream barber schools we have always aimed to build something for the community. Working with local councils and schools we will be a part of paving the way for the next generation of young barbers. Offering interactive school visits and training and qualifications for a generation that needs guidance.

Always on the look out!

As an ethical British business start-up we are passionate about community. In the current climate this is so much more important. This project and process will help us maintain our ties with the community we grew up in and love. We will make a difference. Free hair cut vouchers in schools to engage the youth is just the start. We will give those that may not a current trade or directiion, a skill and environment to learn what it takes to be a successful part of society.                                                                                           "Our team is constantly scouting for talent! This isn't always those that are ready made - sometimes hidden gems need a helping hand. Lets give our kids a opportunity to show this"

What We Will Do With The Money?

By Summer 2020 Digibarber will give the opportunity to train, coach and develop 100 young people in the art of barbering. We will be seeking to issue recognised qualifications whilst giving young people a place to express themselves positively with Business role models! 

We will offer local councils the opportunity to out forward 2 people each who are currently long term unemployed.

The DigiBarber HQ will house the UK's first publicly funded training school.

Everyone Donor will get One month FREE to DigiBarbers game changing BarberClub. By signing up as many barbers as possible to the DigiBarber platform... 

We are truly revolutionising the barbering world, by offering users unlimited visits to their favourite barber shop with the option of 1 monthly payment. No high cutting fees, no more queuing in the barber shop for hours. Customers cut when they want whilst giving back to there community. All this whilst maintaining a service that you know you can trust

For supporting us - we pledge to support you! We are offering outstanding benefits! Be a part of something truly ground breaking! 

How cool is this T-Shirt :) 

We are happy to answer any questions! We love to have a chat... 



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Discounted annual access to the DigiBarber CutClub

Offering an annual DigiBarber CutClub pass for only £400. This access is usually starts from £45.99 a month (£551 a year). Giving you unlimited access to hair cuts, shape ups and beard services for a whole year. The 12 months access will start from the day you make your first booking. Please note you wont be able to make multiple bookings in the same day. Access is only for one user unless you have the Father&Son package

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DigiBarber Shaping Up Society T shirt

An exclusive DigiBarber 'Shaping Up Soceity' Branded T shirt. Be proud in the knowledge that you was there first!

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£50 Digibarber credit

We are offering £50 of credit to use within the app for bookings or to purchase products from your local barbershop.

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DigiBarber Mens hamper

A DigiBarber selection box of tried and tested products from across the UK.

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Shape Up Society. Have Your Say

We aim to make a real difference in society through the medium we know best, love and barbering. This will give you the chance to join our quarterly business review. Here you will be able to forward your views, voice and opinion into what you feel we can do for your local community. This can be anything from youth violence to more jobs in the area.

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DigiBarber Mens hamper XL

The premium selection box will include unique items specific to the recipient. We will be in contact shortly after to personalise your hamper.

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Kids be a barber for the day

We will offer the chance for kids aged 7-16 the chance to be a barber for the day. This experience will involve setting up their station, getting used to all the tools and even cutting real hair. Experience lasts around 3 hours and includes refreshments and snacks. You will also get a USB stick with photos and videos of the Childs day. Inspiring the young!

Let's make 'The Company That keeps You Looking Fresh EVERYDAY!' happen