The Digger & Chainsaw Assault - 8th August 2011

by Robbie Gordon Munro in Dingwall, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Digger & Chainsaw Assault - 8th August 2011
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To fund an enquiry against the Chief Constable Iain Livingstone and Police Scotland for failing to interview two suspects under caution.

by Robbie Gordon Munro in Dingwall, Scotland, United Kingdom

My family and I suffered from fear and alarm when our peace was breached by a digger entering our garden and a chainsaw cutting down my grandparents memorial tree.  When my mother and I went out of the house we were both threatened with the digger bucket being thrust towards us.  After taking photographs of the vandalism unfold, I was assaulted by the digger driver injuring my left chest wall and left knee.  The incident was recorded on CCTV and the Police seized a copy of the footage but it never went to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and Victim Support Scotland were never informed.

Mrs Gail Ross MSP wrote to the Chief Constable Iain Livingstone to find out when both suspects were interviewed under caution for the assault and vandalism but Police Scotland refuse to confirm when, where and by whom.  I took the digger driver to court and after 7 years and £25,000 proved the assault, before Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood.  However, during this personal injury case both suspects stated under oath in court that they both were never interviewed by Police.

How on earth can the Chief Constable ignore the Scottish Parliament and claim the Digger & Chainsaw Assault was investigated, when he may know both suspects weren't interviewed by Police.  Even worse, the Chief Constable knows his police force deliberately refuse to take a witness statement from my father who called 999, who witnessed the attack and gave the Police the CCTV footage on CD.

This to my family and I proves an enquiry is necessary into potential police corruption and in support of this the Police Incident History recovered under public legislation does not include either the vandalism or the assault.  So what is going on?

Our Highland and Islands MSP's have hit a brick wall built by the Chief Constable's force.  So we need your help to fund an enquiry against the Chief Constable Iain Livingstone and Police Scotland for failing to interview two suspects under caution for assault and vandalism, please help us in our pursuit of justice.  If you were attacked and injured at your home, you would expect the Police to interview the suspects under caution and not cover up a serious incident recorded on CCTV.

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