Raising funds for stock

Raising funds for stock

Raising capital to buy additional stock.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I started my company in January 2017 buying diecast car models from wholesalers and reselling on mainly Ebay. (I've tried to sell on Amazon, but the competition is fierce and the margins are extremely low on the Amazon Platform. I also created a website which I was running for about 6 weeks, but without any significant marketing to the website, I closed this down as well. (With the hope to re-create the website when in a better financial position to do so). 

I have two wholesale supppliers for diecast, one based in the UK and another based in Germany. I use both to suppliment and increases the range of products. During February we also brought Action Figures and Collectables to my portfolio of products to drive sales even more.


February 2017 -> 5 sales

March 2017 -> 13 sales (up by  260%)

April 2017  -> 15 sales to date (14 April)

As you can see above, with me introducing more stock in March and adding Action Figures to the portfolio has driven sales quickly, with us surpassing the March Sale figure by mid April already. 

The ultimate tarket is to get to between 300 - 500 sales a month consistently which is all achievable. The more options the customer has, the easier it would be to achieve these targets. 

Margin mark up per item is between 50 - 110% depending on the market price. Net profit per item is between 10-15%. 

My current costs are Ebay platform Fees, PayPal fees and shipping costs as I offer Free shipping in the UK.