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It costs DMSF £100 per child to offer a year long high quality interventional activity that unlocks potential and changes lives.

We did it!

On 11th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £152 with 3 supporters in 56 days

Be part of something BIG and help us change the lives of our amazing young people!

Introducing DMSF:

Hello. We are DMSF. We work with disengaged young people to raise their aspirations, focus on their dreams, set goals, and map a successful life course.

We give our young people a sense of purpose, using the disciplines of sport as a catalyst for change in nurturing their ambitions.

We provide professional, high quality and sustained coaching, mentoring and training to those children in society who are least likely to find those opportunities at grass roots level anywhere else.

All funds received by our charity are invested in the delivery of three core programmes; our education, employment and sports pathways.

Simply put, funding helps us deliver a programme which steers young people to positively work towards their chosen life-goals.

Engaging Britain’s youth!

Young people open-up to us.

Their goals and aspirations are rooted in many areas in each of their life challenges. They tell us of options they had not considered as possible for themselves previously, from how to achieve a regular income, create a business as an entrepreneur to what it takes to compete on the corporate stage, go to University, get to compete at the Olympics and in Samuel’s case, what it takes to be Prime Minister.

How can you help?

We need to raise £20,000 to add to the work we are doing in the face of UK society’s challenges of our disengaged young people. Donations of any size will help us reach this target.

Each year DMSF support 850 young people per week across Manchester, some who are at risk of social exclusion through negative behaviour.  

We provide engaging rewarding activities.  This gives young people the confidence they need to live more resilient lives and understand the importance of positive activities.

It costs DMSF just £100 per child to offer a high quality interventional activity that unlocks potential and changes lives.

This is a small sum if you want to look into the cost of Anti Social Behaviour Order’s in the UK - averaging £4,800. Evidence tells us that, on our programme alone, 95 of our young people are highly likely to commit 1 ASB, and will cost the state £475,000. Persistent truancy costs the state £800 million a year. The charity consultancy NPC highlight that every £1 spent in intervention, saves £11.60.

Your donation:

  • £1 - buys an assortment of fruit to kick start and experience healthy eating 
  • £20 - buys two pairs of trainers
  • £50 - buys two sessions with a qualified mentor
  • £100 - buys one person access to our 39 week programme and the opportunity to realise their dreams
  • £500 - buys two places on a Coaching Assistant course
  • £1000 - buys our love (yep, we're cheap!) 

If you're passionate about the power of sport to change lives, about education to empower young people’s choices and about employment to improve the lives of young people facing life’s struggles, then please donate.  

If you're from Manchester and would like to see significant change in your community please consider making a pledge.  

Even if you're unable to make a pledge then please help us spread the word on social media:

Twitter: @DMSF_UK

Facebook: Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

Instagram: dmsf_uk

Website: www.dmsf.org.uk

LinkedIn: Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

What's in it for you?

  • You’ll be changing the lives of young people in Manchester
  • You’ll be giving hope to the next generation of young people who face barriers every day which stop them realising their dreams
  • You’ll be a part of our community

If you know of any young person, their parents or guardians or schools who could benefit from our work please send them our contact details www.dmsf.org.uk

We appreciate your help to continue to give young people a sense of purpose in life - using sport as a catalyst for change.  

Thank you.





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