DiamondBlack - A fair recruitment company for SMEs

by Robert Gilkes in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

DiamondBlack - A fair recruitment company for SMEs


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Traditional recruitment agencies charge extortionate fees, meaning small companies in need of talent cannot use their services. Lets change.

by Robert Gilkes in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Having previously been a retail manager and owning a small hospitality business, I can understand that there is very rarely the funding to pay the large fees recruitment agencies charge to recruit top talent, meaning small companies often struggle to attract the key people required to male their business grow.

 We’re all about supporting small, independent businesses recruit top talent, so throw away the extortionate fees recruitment agencies charge for searching CV databases and replace this with a dedicated passive search campaign and a thorough understanding of the clients business, adding a fee structure that leaves this professional service firmly within their reach.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

£500 reward - Free recruitment!

We’ll work with you to advertise and find your perfect candidate. We’ll actively search and screen candidates, before forwarding them on for your consideration. We’ll manage the full interview and offer process, meaning all you need to do is interview them!

£100 or more

£100 - Triple value!

We’ll give you £300 off your first hire through us. You’ll benefit from our thorough screening and candidate management service, and find candidates untouched by other agencies!

£10,000 or more


This would be a dream, but it’s an amazing opportunity if you recruit frequently. Use us for your recruitment for a year, completely free of charge. This would be amazing, and we want to make sure you know is, so we’ll handle all of your recruitment needs for a year. Unlimited* vacancies, unlimited candidates, unlimited possibilities. *We’ve had to put a 52 vacancy fair useage on this, but it could still save you hundreds of thousands!

Let's make 'DiamondBlack - A fair recruitment company for SMEs' happen