Diamond Sports Education Program

by Christopher Parry in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Diamond Sports Education Program


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The aim of our project was / is to provide sports education for 14s - 21s to non elite athletes within our youth club set up

by Christopher Parry in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Over the last 10 months we have been hit very badly by the corona virus as many others in our profession (sports for the community ) . We was set to launch our own sports educational projects back in January 2020 of which we made a investment of approx £3000 but due to the virus we was not able to launch due to the lockdown etc in March/April the investment was funds from our project funding pot, due to the lockdown we lost most of the investment .We did look at launching it as a virtual learning platform but we required to invest a further £1500. As we are mainly a grass roots sports club we felt that we could not risk investing any more as it would a strain on our club and possible closure.

We Have 51 members ranging from 7 yrs - 18 yrs old We had interest from some of our own members to do certain courses etc prior to the 1st lockdown and members of the public.

We wish to relaunch our sports program again as a virtual learning for 14s - 18s not just through any lockdowns but into the future as well as in House courses but up to the age of 25 yrs old. 

Course Content

  • The student / member will gain valuable experience in leadership , well being , community awareness , working within the community , possible job prospects in the leisure and sport industry.
  • They will have practical experience within a sports and leisure environment
  • Gain a national qualification.

The Program

  • Short and long term programs ranging fro 8 weeks - 24 months .
  • National qualifications by awarding bodies , NCFC , Sports leaders UK 
  • Easy payment terms.

The student/ Member

  • We wish to make this opportunity mainly to students that has not made it to further education,college etc , parents that are on social benefits and children that find it difficult to attend main stream school (14s - 16s ) but engage in sport for learning opportunities. This sector we have been approached by the Youth Offenders Program in Hampshire but again due to funding we can not do it , but we really wish to give this sector the opportunity through funding.


  • All staff other than two are volunteers or part time which has day time jobs and give their time to the club , and also we have staff that volunteer that has no job due to the covid back in March/April 2020 , Some of the staff can be given the opportunity to become part time staff so we are also giving job opportunities within as well as offering placements /apprenticeships to the successful students via our partners and contacts.


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