Diabetes & Obesity Research

by Dr Richard Mackenzie in London, Greater London, England

Diabetes & Obesity Research

To allow the public to engage in research that improves our understanding of healthy metabolism & nutrition to prevent diabetes & obesity

by Dr Richard Mackenzie in London, Greater London, England

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

How we lead our lives has a direct and fundamental impact on our health and well being, yet there is often conflicting advice on what we should eat and what is considered bad for us. Our Crowdfunding page aims to bridge the gap between leading scientific research and important questions out there in the ‘real’ world. For example, 

  • Does sugar intake cause fat accumulation and obesity? 
  • Does fasting before exercise help us ‘burn’ fat
  • Does HIIT exercise allow us to increase the amount of fat we burn?
  • Can excessive protein intake lead to pre-diabetes

This project will allow you to engage in our research by directly contributing to our research questions (what we examine) while also having a first hand account and update on the data has it develops in the lab. 

This is an exciting opportunity for you to engage in leading human research that will improve our understanding of healthy metabolism and good nutrition. 

If you contribute to our research through funding you will have a chance to engage in helping to answer important questions in the field of Diabetes & Obesity Prevention using healthy nutrition and exercise metabolism. 

You can access our research topics using the following link http://humanperformanceandhealth.org/have-your-say-what-should-we-research/


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