Demeter House Stratosphere Project 2017

Demeter House Stratosphere Project 2017

We are aiming to raise funds in order to purchase our own kit for future high altitude balloon flights.

We did it!

On 2nd May 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 4 supporters in 56 days


The Demeter House Stratosphere Project 2017 (DHSP2017) is a school project which involves the planning, launching, tracking and recovery of a high altitude balloon (with an onboard camera). The equipment used for our first launch has kindly been loaned to us by the Raspberry Pi Foundation through their Skycademy program. In order to continue running the project year on year we must raise funds in order to purchase our own setup.

Educational Benefits

In terms of the project there are many educational and social benefits such as versatile cross curricular opportunities and real world application of skills and knowledge whilst also promoting vital skills such as team work, project planning, problem solving and social skills to name a few.  We also hope to share the project with fellow educational institutions and support them in undertaking their own launches.

Pledge Rewards

We have created a range of unique reward packages for anyone who would like to donate to our cause. We have general packages suited towards the individual as well as packages targeted towards the business community. A more in depth description of the rewards follows;

Mug - The  mug has been printed by our students and features the DHSP2017 logo.

T-Shirt - The T-Shirt has been embroidered by Wasp Sports with our DHSP2017 logo.

Framed Photo - A framed photo taken by the payload during the flight. 

Seat on the Flight - Ten Lego spacemen will travel on the flight inside the payload. These limited rewards will have been to the stratosphere. In the unlikely event that the payload cannot be retrieved, you will still receive a replacement lego spaceman.

Advertisement - The logo/name of the company/organisation will be placed on the payload and also exposed to a worldwide audience via media outlets and social media.

Project Updates and Information

All updates and project information can be found on Twitter from @DemeterHouse and using the hashtag #DHSP2017. We will also be posting videos on the Demeter House School  Youtube channel.



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