A Small Bridal Business Needing 2K to Move Onwards

by Dominique Haywood in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

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To raise funds to enable my brand and I to keep going - I will be continuing practice as well as making overall improvements as I go along..

by Dominique Haywood in Croydon, England, United Kingdom


I design and create modern yet classic, feminine silk wedding dresses. These all made in the UK and I practice being ethical in my business activities including being environmentally friendly.  I work from home, and warmly welcome clients into my home where they can feel relaxed and comfortable.  

I love designing and creating wedding dresses to make my potential clients feel beautiful and feminine on their special day. I have a Degree in Fashion and Textiles and in 2018 decided to make a move on my career path and journey in becoming a wedding dress designer.

However, I’m not yet in a place to show my collection of 10 wedding dresses to the public. The £2,000 would enable me to deal with marketing, upkeep and upgrading equipment, buying more fabrics for more dresses to be made, pay a photographer and model for catalogue shoots and basically continue to do business.


Problem Solving:

My Brand is unique that I am very versatile and flexible with customers, I will do bespoke dresses from sketch to final dress for a VIP (special) customer, offer a variety of dress sizes including plus sizes, my style and designs are edgy, original and modern but with a historic reference in design, every garment is made with natural silk, I am ethically friendly and all garments are made in the UK. I also will offer an option for dress hire. My business is online, from home and is a small unique business where women can feel safe and connected in engaging with my brand and myself in a comfortable, homely setting however still offering a very professional, high value service. My brand is original and helpful in a modern culture of online shopping and finding unique dresses, It meets ladies requirements from a safe and homely setting. My brand gives a more diverse approach to dresses that you would normally find on the high street or in usual bridal boutiques.


Background Knowledge:

I am a recent fashion and textile graduate from the University of Kent and have worked at some small clothing design brands as an assistant and also with some big names such as Lipsy, before that.

I started studying fashion and got a foundation degree in 2010. But I found breaking into the fashion industry a real struggle and got disheartened. I’ve spent the majority of the past 7 years undertaking a variety of jobs in children work, though still doodling fashion designs. I had also had a small business making and selling bag accessories, and another in Tailoring. Ensuring I know the important business skills.

 But in 2018, I rediscovered my love for fashion and design. After still feeling my BA (hons) was not complete and still wondering and hoping to make it into the creative world of fashion and textiles...I took the step to finish my degree at the University of Kent.

The Beginnings:

I left University this time in 2018 all set up for business, we had completed a business folder and business cards and a logo it all just seemed to be the main focus.

I chose to do wedding dresses since I was more mature now coming back to University and I was different too. The typical fashion of the day just reminded me of my struggles in the past and I wanted to do something new and fresh.

My final year fashion show I designed a collection of 5 wedding dresses. These becoming the foundational designs for my business.

I was able to start my business due to a cash injection from a family member. I designed and created a further collection of 8 dresses after that, had a stand at 2 exhibitions, had a quote for a dress for a potential customer in the near future and I also have a tailoring business on the side to help me financially and further develop my dress making skills. Which has successfully bought in a few customers so far.

My next step is to continue and improve my dress making abilities, establish myself as a trustworthy dressmaker and to bring in the happy brides to be and make sales.

How the Money I Raise will be Spent:

I intend the money to go on dress fabrics, new equipment and tools that need upgrading and replacing, marketing strategies and campaigns, stationary, haberdashery items and living costs. This will allow me to produce more dresses and sell them which also are improving as I get more experience and grow in the trade. I will hopefully be able to get established in what I do and get my brand more awareness through different marketing means such as social media upkeep, email marketing upkeep, blog writing as ongoing, google adverts, flyers and business card dispensing etc. There are needs for better equipment like a new laptop and a sewing machine which is long in need of an upgrade. So ultimately the money will enable me to continue and grow in business, serving the community and providing the dresses for brides to be.


Q. How long does it take to make a dress? 

A. 4-6weeks on average working around many other tasks that a business requires.

Q. Would you make a dress from an original design idea as in a sketch to final dress? 

A. I make a collection of dresses every season in average size’s, if you see something you like but needs a slight adjustment it can be made bespoke to your exact fitting from there. Only on special occasions in the right time of the year can I make a dress completely tailored and designed to a specific individual like this.

Q. How much does one of your dresses cost on average?

A. The prices vary but I can guarantee all my dresses will be made of natural silk, be made ethically and also in the UK. They are all quite unique and very modern. The prices vary from £750 - £1,500.

Q. Do you offer a tailoring/adjustment service?

A. Yes and I can also refer you to a local bridal tailor too.

Q. Can I give my rewards voucher to somebody else that I have gotten from this campaign?

A. Yes, but please ping me an email before they come to me so I am aware and can take note.

Q. How many dresses do you make in a year?

A. 8 – 10 currently.

Q. Would you send a dress out to me by postage?

A. Yes, if in the UK.

Q. Do you supply hire dresses?

A. I will be in the very near future.




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