For Life book trailer

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For Life book trailer
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I'm so passionate about my books and they have been so well received.I want to create something to excite readers and give my books a chance

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So, in December 2017 I released my first book, Another Life. It is a story surrounding Rachel, a young mother in an abusive marriage. I like to think I have dealt with domestic violence in a sensitive and truthful way, and have shown how hard it is and why some people can't just leave.

Our second main character is Tad, who simply shows Rachel that she can be happy and loved if she can escape her husband.

In a dramatic turn of events, our happy couple are able to be with one another. But its not that simple, as Kevin, the ex husband is out for revenge. 

The next book, Our Life, deals with the struggles of a new relationship, where Rachel is doubting everything due to her past. Where her ex husband is doing everything possible to ruin her life. 

Book three will be called This Life.

There will be even more drama, tears (both happy and sad) steamy scenes, and so much more.

I truly believe my books have potential and I'd love for them to be read by as many people as possible, and I feel that a trailer would be the ideal way to get them noticed. 

I have already found actors who are willing to help, and make up artists. I just need to find someone to help me film the scenes and put them together. I also need to be able to pay my actors, as this is their work.

I understand this seems like a small thing, but this is my dream. I have such faith in my work and the comments from people who have read and loved my books makes me so happy. 

Even a very small amount would help me out so very much.

Also, if you are reading this and would be abke to offer any help instead of money, that would be extremely appreciated also.

If you read this far, you are an absolute legend.

Thank you so much


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A chance to appear in the trailer. Filming will potentially be around London. Dates and locations to be confirmed at a later date.

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