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Outward Bounds (Annual Programme)

by Christine Annis in London, England, United Kingdom

Outward Bounds (Annual Programme)
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

This year long project aims to support and enable the development of young people through a structured programme of residential activities.

by Christine Annis in London, England, United Kingdom

The Downside Fisher Youth Club (DFYC) supports young people from Bermondsey and it's neighbouring areas, helping them to fulfil their potential through a structured program of sport, educational, artistic and recreational activities, more importantly provide them with a haven in which they can feel a sense of belonging. Through participation in the youth club programme, including the outward bounds activities, members have found a purpose in their lives outside of school and home. Many of whom are from low income families, where extra-curricular activities are not always easily accessible. With a wide range of funded projects, DFYC can provide activities for a minimum cost and for those that may be facing financial hardship no cost.  

By extending our current club programme and running the Outward Bounds trips, more young people have become interested in joining the youth club; providing them with ideas on how to spend their leisure time in a meaningful and safe way. This also helps us further our reach whilst helping to create a positive image for the youth in our local community.

If we are successful in securing extra funding, we can continue to offer a variety of activities to our young members. For many years, we have been successfully organising Outward Bounds trips (such as our annual Summer Camp and the 100 Mile Canoe Test) and have always received fantastic feedback from our young people, with many experiencing activities that they would never have had the opportunity to do otherwise. This is an area of work the DFYC team feel passionate about and want to continue to support the young members in becoming the best they can be. This extra funding would allow us to do this and continue our Outward Bounds projects with minimal cost to our young people, along with the potential to introduce new activities to the current programme. The team supporting the young members on these trips have stated that the fortitude and mental strength demonstrated by all participants is impressive. Furthermore, helps them to build emotional and physical resilience, confidence and community spirit; making this a valuable experience for all. Therefore, through participating in the Outward Bounds programme, many of our members go on to excel in other areas of their lives.

We believe people should support our project because it enables the development of young people, along with affording them with the opportunity to realise their full potential. In addition, allows them to experience life outside of London. This can and has had a positive influence on young people’s lives helping them to overcome barriers, broaden their horizons and provide access to new opportunities.  

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