DFs at COP21

DFs at COP21

Fund young people to go to Paris climate conference COP21 and empower them to use creative protest and direct action to make change.

We did it!

On 30th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £1,341 of £1,070 target with 68 supporters in 40 days

New stretch target

We will spend up to £50 of this money on equipment to use when in Paris. The rest will be reserved for further actions in the same climate campaign. At DF event Winter Wonderland, we will decide by consensus what new projects we can spand this money on.

The root cause of climate change is the profit involved in doing things that cause it, and the reluctance of governments to stop it, because they too have gains to make if they support fossil fuels. COP21 is a conference of Governments, businesses and NGOs to discuss climate change. Looking at the outcomes of previous conferences like this, we have learnt not to be too hopeful. We are going to Paris to pressure the conference and to demonstrate that change can, and has to, come from the people.

On the 5th of December 9 young people from across the country who are members of the cooperative youth group, Woodcraft Folk DFs will travel to Paris to protest COP21. In the run up to, and during our time in Paris, we will be participating in the climate games, an online way of coordinating actions. We will be put in touch with other groups who share interests and have skills that compliment ours. Together we will plan actions to be carried out between the 5th and 13th of December, that draw public and global attention to climate justice. On every day of the conference, the group will discuss the outcome of the conference and what it means for the future of the planet and climate activism. We will respond directly to the outcome of COP21 through protest and direct action, putting pressure on politicians to make steps towards climate justice.

After they return to Britain, the young people will run educational workshops about activism and climate politics in their local groups, and at a residential event of over 60 young people. Our social media campaign and peer education work on returning from Paris will ensure that our actions have maximum effect.

As the first generation in over a century to be to be worse off than their parents, young people today are struggling to become engaged with politics. Voter turn out in people aged 18-24 is almost half the turnout of people aged 65+. We want to help young people find their voice, and use it. Make them powerful by allowing them to develop their communication skills and help them understand the ways they can make a difference. University give people the opportunity to become educated, articulate, and powerful in terms of their personality and their profession, as well as offering a route into activism. We want to empower young people who are not necessarily university students to have the same voice.

The young people would not be able to afford to go without funding. We are currently applying for grants but are estimating that we will not be able to secure all our funding this way. If we reach more than our target, we will use the money to buy equipment to aid our actions in Paris. If there is still money left over it will be saved to mobilize more young people into climate action. The action will be decided by consensus at DF event, Winter Wonderland that runs from the 27th-30th of December. If you donate, you will receive a handmade thank you card expressing the gratitude of 9 young people who you have helped to make their voices heard. 


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