DFPH Plumbing and Heating Engineers

DFPH Plumbing and Heating Engineers

To grow my business and offer a share of my overall profits in order to expand and grow it further.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is David Firth I have been a plumbing and heating engineer for the past 20 years with an 8-year stint designing and supervising commercial plumbing installations. 

I started my own business mid 2016 (David Firth Plumbing and Heating) and have now got more work than I can handle, I want to buy a small fleet of quality used vans and employ two new employees with a view to employing more as my buisness grows. You may be wondering why I don't just do this of my own back but being a sole trader at present and a new business it is difficult to gain credit. 

I have vast experience in the commercial sector and want to undertake contracts in healthcare, education and the leisure industry. 

I have portfolios of both my installation work and my design work.

At present I cover a 65 mile radious from my home.

If I get the full amount that I have requested I will give 20% of all profits to the shareholders. I charge £30 per hour; my employees will get a flat rate of £15 per hour for a nine-hour day. £270 a day profit so 20% is £54. This does not include call outs which are charged at various rates.