Devon Whitebeam Conservation Project

by James Craigie in Bideford, England, United Kingdom

Devon Whitebeam Conservation Project


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We are conserving the Devon Whitebeam for future generations one seedling at a time, with our Community Tree Nursery!

by James Craigie in Bideford, England, United Kingdom

The Devon Whitebeam tree is endangered and we are working hard to change this situation by creating a Community Tree Nursery that will be able to grow 200 Devon Whitebeams a year from seed.  In addition, by creating a propagation facility on East-the-Water in Bloom's Allotment we will also be able to test various vegetative propagation techniques to boost the availability of a species of tree that used to be endemic to the South West, but is now constrained mainly to the Torridge Estuary in Northern Devon.

Thankfully, we have received pledges of support and already raised £3,500 towards the project and so we are only looking to raise a further £1,500 to add rainwater storage and solar power to our nursery site.  As our site has neither mains electirc or mains water supply we need to ensure we have enough power to operate a small mist propagator over 2 sqr metres of plunge propagation benching.  To ensure an even growing temperature we would also like to add a soil warming cable to protect the young seedlings from variations in temperature that might stall growth of the young plants.

We also need to increase our storage capacity for rainwater so that any Spring dry periods don't cause our propagation system to run dry.  Small plants are particularly vulnerable to variations in moisture and drying out can easily kill off the young plants.  So we want to be able to collect all the winter rains from our shed roof and we can keep our system going even during a dry warm Spring.

The first batch of 200 Devon Whitebeam Seedlings are planned to form part of a new area of Broadleaf woodland planted on National Trust land in Abbotsham, Devon.  The Devon Whitebeam along with 600 other native trees will cover nearly an acre of grassland planted in the Winter of 2022/23 that will help trap Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away, providing important time to solve the Climate Crisis that we all face.

Bideford Town Council has also committed to plant Devon Whitebeam in the Community Woodland of Ford Wood, which will help preserve this species as well as providing important opportunities to observe and improve understanding around conservation efforts.  We are very grateful for the Town Council's support as well as the funding pledged by Devon County Councillor Grant and Northern Devon Coastline AONB for this project to make a real difference to efforts to return the Devon Whitebeam to its place in the hedgerows and woodlands of Devon and the wider South West area.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Membership of the Bideford CommuniTree group

Bideford CommuniTree is a group of Tree conservators and lovers that want to improve the public space trees in Bideford Parish, Devon. We are setting out to increase the tree canopy cover and diversity of the Tree species of this wonderful part of Northern Devon coastline. In becoming a member you will help grow our activities and could become involved in all sorts of Tree related events and actions in the near future.

£1 or more

Seedling donation

Help us turn Devon Whitebeam seeds into strong trees with this donation!

£15 or more

Gardening and helping hands

Get some help from our gardening volunteers in your garden for £15 an hour. Our volunteers can help clear and prepare sites or help you with designing a new flower bed. All the time you will know that not only is your garden getting the helping hand it needs, but also you are supporting vital conservation work preserving the Devon Whitebeam tree.

£20 or more

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Devon Whitebeam Planted with the National Trust

We are working with the National Trust to place Devon Whitebeams across their estates in the coming years, with our first site in Abbotsham going to be ready in the planting season 2022/23. Once planted you will receive a what three words location of where the tree has been placed and you will be invited to take part in volunteer site maintenance days that take place around your tree. You will have helped preserve a vulnerable species.

£30 or more

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Devon Whitebeam Seedling for you Garden

If you really want to plant your own Devon Whitebeam and can afford to wait, our surplus seedlings and cuttings will be going on a first come first served basis over the coming few years while we establish how to most efficiently propagate the Devon Whitebeam for conservation. Secure your place in the queue with this option

£50 or more

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Tour of the Devon Whitebeam Propagation Facilities

You will get an exclusive tour around the propagation facilities and see the young Devon Whitebeam seedlings before anyone else. You will also receive a talk by project lead James Craigie on how the project is progressing, the botanical and cultural significance of the Devon Whitebeam to South West peninsular. You will also become a member of Bideford CommuniTree, with the option to buy a Devon Whitebeam before anyone else!

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