Devon Residents for Safe Technology Crowdfunder

by Exeter Residents for Safe Tech in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Devon Residents for Safe Technology Crowdfunder


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To fund 2 people to prepare a Statutory Nuisance Complaint regarding emerging technology that the local authority will have to investigate.

by Exeter Residents for Safe Tech in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

We are raising funds to support a dedicated resource of 2 people, to research and prepare a Statutory Nuisance Complaint regarding emerging technologies that Exeter City Council and other councils will have to investigate.

Martin Bayley and Neil McDougall have worked over the last year to combine their experience and skills in health & safety management/quality control (Martin), and campaigning/non-legal dispute resolution procedures (Neil), to challenge telecoms companies and local authorities to comply with their obligations to prevent nuisance, harm and injury risks posed by the proliferation of 4G, 5 G and 'smart city' technologies.

We've trialed in Bristol and Bath, two interconnected mechanisms - International Standards (ISO) on Quality Assurance that Telecoms companies are obliged to comply with, and Statutory Nuisance Complaints under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 that Exeter City Council would be obliged to investigate. Both mechanisms would be triggered by scientific evidence of non-thermal (biological) effects created by wireless Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR).

In Bristol/Bath we were blocked from making telecoms companies accountable for the technologies they intend to use in a multi-million pound publicly funded 'smart city' contract, but we are reinforcing that requirement by asserting citizen's rights to secure local authority action on the nuisance caused by RFR as a toxic pollutant.

In Exeter, we intend to reverse this process by preparing a Statutory Nuisance Complaint that Exeter residents can issue focusing on existing RFR emissions in the City which the Council's pollution control team will have to investigate, and follow on with ISO customer complaints on 4G and 5G masts and antennae demanding that telecoms companies eliminate risks of injury, harm, and nuisance to the public.

The Exeter City 4G Statutory Nuisance Complaint will demonstrate that RFR is a toxic pollutant. That complaint and its investigation can then be extended through further complaints focussing on unsafe 4G and 5 G masts and antennae, using similar or the same evidence of non-thermal RFR harm.

Just because the non-thermal effects of RFR are ignored and are not currently regulated, doesn't mean that telecoms companies and local authorities can ignore those effects and their consequences. The fact that RFR is not regulated but is a pollutant, means that the Environmental Protection Act 1990 applies. 

Any resident can trigger a Statutory Nuisance Complaint under this legislation but to make sure it is carefully prepared and triggered effectively, we are launching this Crowdfunder.

We are looking to raise funds to pay for Martin and Neil's time in order to maximise the effectiveness of this initiative in greater Exeter and all across Devon and to help us to develop the mechanisms that we have been trialing in Bristol and Bath so far so that they can be used across the country by other communities.
Your support is critical as mast applications and installations are gathering pace.
Please donate what you can afford.
Thank you. Your support is appreciated.

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