The British Black Bee Project

To re-establish the native British Black Honeybee across the country, starting with sustainable breeding centres in Devon and Cornwall.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Friends of the Bees

Black Bee Project

Many thanks to those who have backed this project, but we have reluctantly decided to close it, after our initial promotion effort failed to achieve our expectations. Rather than wasting time pushing it harder and risking over-exposure, we have decided to re-launch at a later date with a more modest proposal, which we hope you will still support.Meanwhile, we will be continuing with our work with the Black Bees and you are more than welcome to make a contribution to Friends of the Bees to help us, once your funds have been released from Crowdfunder. Thank you again for your willingness to supportĀ Friends of the Bees

Philip Chandler

DirectorFriends of the