Devils picnic productions

Devils picnic productions

Devils Picnic Productions are putting on a play. We need money for time and space, and of course to pay the players!That is all!Thanks

We did it!

On 4th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £190 with 13 supporters in 28 days

 DOES IT MATTER is an abstract poetic comedy piece of theatre about the loss of hope the need for hope the end of the world. But mostly its some fun!Not to give to much away here are some snippets....

"Are we really out of time?out of control?what marks us now?"

"You cannot sleep. For when you do your dreams are of taxes and faxes matters of facts and figures,fingers clawing through your hair"

"um,fish,he will never only swim or glide or float or sink or crawl but never fly and how he longs to fly.I fear we have not been clear with you.we are unclear,yes,but we do long for clarity.and what's this got to do with us,you may ask.perhaps you are just leaves on the wind.yes dancing in the wind only to settle on a track.oh here comes the train!choo choo!"






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