Ecoapps loyalty business scheme

Ecoapps loyalty business scheme

  We are \'not for profit\' and are looking to create a web platform where they can tailor fundraising to specific goals.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

  We are 'not for profit' and are looking to benefit local people initially through cheaper use of food outlets encouraging people to eat out and bolster chains and new businesses, We've decided to work with a simpler idea where we fund raise by asking for various values of donations, organisations gain simple rewards of an equatable value at food and drink outlets. The first model is in carmarthen.

 Ultimately to create a web platform where potential benefactors or charities can request specific details or information about deprived areas of Africa where charitable projects would be most beneficial. I'm piggybacking  my own limited company so i make will support the staff I hire and feed this charitable business. I have to consider how to share and sell the shares in my own business, which is , I am still after a company director and We accept for the average Joe  this can be hard to brouse through, the Loyalty card scheme suggested should help pay for software to further the ethos of ecoapps solutions lmt (registered ) and the loyalty scheme thus helping the local communities business's grow. This loyalty card scheme was suggested  to me by Boadi, ( not quite an a prince)  but should benefit NYcycling fashion besides (back with ithe's african from miss katin land [Guana}))

 We will ultimately be building bespoke presentation packs, where organisations tailor their donation/ investments using G.I.S., overlays and information on specific welfare projects. We've decided to work with a simpler idea where we fund raise by asking for various values of donations, organisations gain simple rewards of an equatable value at food and drink outlets.The first model is in carmarthen. The investments will be going to further templated crowdfunder projects for other communities then ultimately the 3rd world from multiple sources and communities.

  The clients would be able to gain up to date information and data about that area, view a Graphical representation - map, with overlays etc.. of population demographics, typical climate and specific rainfall and drought over the last years, distance to water, and sanitation (or lack of ,it) . Also info on existing clinics and inititives improving education. We would charge a set rate. For this service, (somewhere in between 40 and 100 pounds, for professional data and representation)   In addition to this there is a SQL database which will contain information of past welfare solutions, their location on the map overlays, the project organisers, designers and benefactors, the project status now, together with licenced or public domain photographs of the solution, their relative success and where possible the cost of these welfare solutions.

  The published- accuarate costs of realising these past projects can be used as templates for future projects.


  The concept is that the client can use this data to help them with internal fundraising by concentrating on a particular targeted project by being able to 'personalise' the requirements and the benefits, show potential solutions and their relative costs using information from previous similar documented projects.

  We would charge for this collation of information and forming a presentation of the area the client wishes to focus on (after the client uses the database to identify the areas they are interested in).

  It is also envisaged that this database could be used to encourage and develop Corporate Social Responsibility in SME's and larger companies by highlighting/praising companies that have donated and encouraging others to do likewise. We see that some projects could be funded by multiple organisations, (If there are multiple organisations interested in a specific project or area a negotiator can attribute the percent each organisation is accountable for within that project) and each benefactor will be able to gain kudos, for instance; 'a certificate from a reputable govn or organisation' illustrating the amount invested and the improvement in quality of life of the particular area in Africa.

To enable this project to move forward and the above vision to be possible we have two fundamental challenges- 1. Where we can access the required data and what information we can obtain; Who can help me with this or where can I glean this information from? I will, (as I have been advised to do); contact ​charities, NGO's, embassies, united nations organisations, commonwealth office, Info on charities previous past projects costs will be useful, (as will help in the projects transparent financing) 2. How this data can be displayed effectively in an easy to understand graphical format A MySQL database linked to a simple G.I.S. (graphical information systems) with preferably no/ (or low) licencing costs for the use of the system. The G.I.S. package required could be Arcgis. I need to ascertain; how much the cost of this will be, or whether there could be an online editable copy of this. We can use Indian developers to realise each individual mapping and data project culminating in a unique presentation. Organisations can use this to fund raise as part of there C.S.R. We can use statistics to show how much each individual company has invested in a project or an area, the projected and realised costs will be published (they should be similar) We are looking for information and assistance with the two challenges above to enable us to move on with project. With your further support this could be a highly effective tool to approach and convert organisations to gain recognised C.S.R and as a boost to your charities fundraising. Please reply via email or contact me on 07847284123. I look forward to your response, we are after people within restaurants to promote themselves to me so we can implement free, and cheaper lunches for local carmarthen workers. Obviously the evening meals and occasional treats we are working towards highlighting key rewards. Within time we can offer both footprint lowering technology for the chains and outlets such as DT performance tuning to make Staff more giving to the workers particulary the local youth, but we need these funds to set reward structure.

  Images of people in africa and depictions of rural african village's plight would be gratefully received. remember we are starting in the local community firstnd hoping to benefit the working community outside our front/backdoor and other people 's backdoor or even homes abroad.

Kind Regards, Crispin Broome Bsc (hons)