Develop PrizeApe, Prize Competition & Charity Site

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Develop PrizeApe, Prize Competition & Charity Site
We did it
On 21st December 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporters in 56 days

We are raising the final 30% funds to help develop a bespoke optimised website that will launch the concept of PrizeApe onto the UK market.

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A website which offers prize quizzes for people to enter for a small fee.  Prizes will be in 3 tiers and of 3 types (Motorsport, Life and Experience).  Top tier prizes may include new cars, motorbikes, holidays, and other high-end items as the site grows.  Tier 2 will be of lower value but in a similar spirit to Top, such as games consoles, designer bags, hampers and other everyday goodies.  A free entry quiz will include items that are lower value but set to build on promotion and awareness of PrizeApe. Each prize group will have a 5-10 question quiz associated with it. The cost to enter will range from £1-10 per entry, depending on prize.  The cost of the prize plus a % must be matched to achieve ‘award’ during the competition term, otherwise, an alternative cash sum of those entered will be awarded. We have had full legal terms designed for compliance.  


A set percentage of each prize fund will be paid directly to the nominated charity for that competition.  The competition will be a random draw of all those who correctly answered the bank of questions and will comply with the UK government guidelines for prize competitions.  This will be done live via a social media site, for all to see and review later.  Each charity will need to be UK registered and selected prior to the start of that competition.


The Website domain will be

The website design team I have been dealing with has indicated the bespoke full site that would carry out the actions required to accept payment, offer quizzes and allow a fully random prize draw from correct entries would cost in the region of £15,000.  An initial build for the early stages would be closer to £3,304 and would have a function to start the process with a view to upgrading in the future.

6 Month breakdown 

Website cost                                                                                                                          £15,000.00

Domain name ( 2years                                                           £31.42

Hosting for 6months WP engine                                                                                 £174.00

Advertising Via Social media 6 months                                                                   £900.00

Advertising general (Banners, flyers, local paper, sponsorship, misc)   £2,000

Sponsorship local Race driver of televised motorsports events              £200.00

Logo design and creative content adverts via fiverr 6 months                 £650.00

Prizes for tier 2 options over 1st period (6months) x6 prizes                    £1,800.00

Management and organisation during the initial phase                               £3,000.00              

Total for a 6month period for site functionality and prizes package    £23,755.42

This is a conservative estimate and one which I would like to better and improve upon, with more funds the marketing would be wider reaching and thus generate higher demand, ticket sales and ultimately revenue and charitable donations.


Has been set up ready for input via social media accounts linked below, with much more work to come before the first competition to ensure pay for visibility. be sure to follow if you help fund.  

Facebook PrizeApe     Facebook Win On Track

Instagram PrizeApe    Instagram Win On Track



With your help, we will be able to make this business a reality.  And offer people a real chance to win those items they so desire at much higher odds than the lottery, have some fun whilst doing so and help a good cause along the way.  

Many thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Will receive entry into our 1st prize competition, which will be a new games console (XboxOneX)

£100 or more

£100 Reward

For every £100 pledged, you will be automatically entered into 10 top tier competitions and 10 tier 2 once those become available.

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

A pledge of £1000 Will get you access to 1% of the company in total. A unique offer which if successful will see you racking in the benefits for years to come. We will offer a total of 10% for those that believe in us. But also you will become part of the family, your success will benefit you, as you will own part.

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