Detox- creation and presentation

Detox is a new work in creation by the company.The piece is presented in a new dance vocabulary on contemporary bodies.

We did it!

On 2nd Nov 2015 we successfully raised £445 with 12 supporters in 49 days

Project aim

To create the second half of the evening of "Detox" and premier the show.

About the project

Intense, energetic and thought-provoking, Detox is the latest production by Pagrav. Under the artisitic direction of Choreographer Urja Desai Thakore , the company's emotion-driven story-telling creates distictinve dance works which originate in contemporary and Kathak idoms. Deotx investigates the phenomenon of detoxification and the conflict between our desire for and rejection of toxcitiy. Here is the work for our time, yet detoxification is as old as civilisation. 


Five dancers emerged or were sucked again into the mass or black hole to a throbbing powerful score.... as a viewer, I need to feel what dancers were going through and it worked well.... and I look forward to seeing fuller version - Malcolm Keen - Pulse connects



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