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1 in 10 people die, every year, as a result of diabetes. Pancreas transplantation can change this. Donate to help improve this treatment!

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On 23rd Jun 2016 we successfully raised £15 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Diabetes affects an estimated 5 million people in the UK. Since its development, pancreas transplantation has helped over 45,000 people suffering from diabetes.   Being able to offer these people a cure that works can change  their lives.


67% of the donated pancreas organs offered by families who have lost a loved one, are not used; the most common reason being that the organ is too fatty. We know these fatty deposits can cause pancreatitis and inflammation which leads to complications but we are unsure of how or  why.


As a result, potentially good pancreas organs are being wasted and we are unable to help hundreds of people on the critical list waiting for a transplant.

This project aims to find answers to these questions; to understand and develop new techniques to combat the issues seen with fatty pancreas organs. Through testing genes and scanning and analysing tissue, we aim to develop treatments to fight the pancreatitis we know can cause complications.

Help us to reduce the number of organs wasted, increase the number of people offered a transplant and save lives.



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