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by Lauren | Destination Books in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom


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Pre-order your book box to help launch a new literary book subscription focused on diversity, socially-important themes & indie publishing

by Lauren | Destination Books in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Destination Books is an independent online UK bookstore which curates diverse, socially-important and underrepresented contemporary literature. 

Representation matters. Reading diversely matters. Learning about and understanding people, cultures and experiences - through literature - matters. Being able to see our intersectional identities in literature matters.

This is why Destination Books consciously curates a selection of books from diverse and marginalised authors from around the world, that speak to some key socially-important themes such as feminism, race, identity and disability, providing a go-to resource for you to find literature that matters.


Help launch a subscription box

We're getting ready to launch a book subscription service / bookish gift box for avid, conscious and open-minded readers. By pre-ordering a book box through this Crowdfunder campaign, you can help take this UK-based independent bookstore to the next level and give underrepresented literature the love it deserves. 

There will be different subscription levels to choose from, but all beautifully packaged and branded (recycled) boxes will include brand new books, recommendations, bookmarks and other bookish stationery.

Your support will mean that we have the funds available to buy the initial book stock, packaging materials and the goodies that will be in your book box.

We're not asking for donations but we're using Crowdfunder to take pre-orders to get the subscription up and running. Going forwards, subscriptions and one-off boxes will be available via the Destination Books website.


Rewards available

Different types of one-off book boxes are available, with books from our current curation, hand-selected based on your favourite genres and themes.


Each book box will include the following literary goodies in addition to book(s) according to the reward level chosen:

  • two bookmarks (one for you, one to gift to a friend)
  • postcards - perfect for sending book recommendations to friends
  • notecard with book recommendations 
  • personalised typewritten note - or a gift note, if sending to a friend
  • free delivery

All boxes will be beautifully packaged, giving you instagrammable, 'made-my-day' bookmail!


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Business Story

Destination Books was started and is run by Lauren - a PhD Researcher & Teacher in English Literature who is passionate about marginalised and diverse literature.


"Destination Books was born after I'd burst into tears at dinner with my partner on our holiday in Budapest. I realised that I wasn't happy in my corporate career and that I wasn't living out my purpose. Things had to change.

Back home, I did a lot of reflection about what I felt I was on this earth to do, which is to shine light on marginalised and intersectional, feminist literature. I then made a decision: I would quit my job, finally do the Literature PhD I'd always wanted to, and open a bookstore dedicated to underrepresented literature.

So far, I've launched several conscious curations and set up my online store. Right now, customers shop via my website and I arrange for my supplier to send their chosen books to them. But I want to be more involved in this process and be able to make the bookmail experience more personalised, more beautiful and more valuable with this subscription box.

Currently, as I'm working on an order-by-order basis, it is not financially viable to send books to customers myself: having the funds to buy bulk stock is necessary to getting the subscription part of the business off the ground. Your support with this Crowdfunder will help me grow the business so that it can continue to be a resource for conscious readers and together we can continue to support and uplift marginalised literature."

Business Mission

  • Be a go-to resource for readers of contemporary literary fiction & non-fiction who want to read diversely
  • Uplift marginalised authors, characters, experiences and stories
  • Support independent publishers
  • Increase the demand for diversity in the publishing industry
  • To be a socially & environmentally responsible independent business


Future plans

What Destination Books has planned for the future (plans you'll be helping to support by pledging to this campaign)

  • Subscription & one-off book boxes for gifting
  • Nation-wide pop-up shops
  • Online literary events including a book club
  • Community reading list - to uplift even more authors & texts


Show your support

There are several ways you can support Destination Books

  • Follow on Instagram: @dstinationbooks
  • Subscribe to newsletter for shop updates & book recommendations here
  • Order any book online or shop from the curation:
  • Share this campaign with fellow book lovers!
  • Pre-order your book box today.


For more information about the book box, this campaign or the business, please contact [email protected]


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

The Conscious Reader Book Box

- 1 new paperback book from the current curation, handpicked based on your interests + literary goodies as set out on the campaign page

£15 or more

The Worldly Reader Book Box

- 1 in-translation fiction book (new paperback) + literary goodies as set out on the campaign page

£25 or more

The Indie Lover Book Box

- 2 new paperback books from independent publishers + literary goodies as set out on the campaign page

£25 or more

The Feminist Reader Book Box

- 2 new paperback books by female authors and/or addressing feminist themes + literary goodies as set out on the campaign page

£35 or more

The Avid Reader Book Box

3 books from the curation (new paperbacks) hand-picked based on your interests + literary goodies as set out on the campaign page

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