Desperate medical Care

Desperate medical Care

Im raising money for my Gran in Morocco she was sadly attacked and left of the road bleading. I'm raising money for her to get an operation.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hello I'm raising money for my loving grandma. She was sadly targeted by some ruthless pedestrians with rocks and she was hit several times to the head. She was left alone until people of public helpers with bandages.

I'm trying to get home to help her with her recovery and to cover all costs of surgery and on going costs just for her medicaton. She's a 70 year old loving and caring grand mother. Please help anything will be appreciated. To add on she sadly lost her beloved husband late last year .

im just a student however, she relies on me and the money that I send her western union. Most of my money I have to send her and unfortuently due to this circumstance I have nothing left.


shes need an operation and the doctors have only stiched it up however it's only temporary. She will need an operation and weeks of recovery time and help.  She has no communication such as phone or computer and I'm relying on her neighbours for updates however, they've told me the situation is horrendous and I feel guilty as she's told me she doesn't even have money for paracetamol. I wish I can help her however I have no money for flight or anything at the moment so anything and I mean anything will be of great help . 

if you cannot donate please just spread the word. Please any help or donation is more than apprecaiated 


thank you for your time

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