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by Michael Fraser-McGinness in Bunchrew, Scotland, United Kingdom

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COVID-19 created uncertainty for millions of British small businesses, I plan to help businesses establish and/or perfect an online presence

by Michael Fraser-McGinness in Bunchrew, Scotland, United Kingdom

What's the plan?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive. I will reach out to businesses and create or improve their online presence so every business I engage with has the chance to navigate a market they are not familiar with. Improvising, adapting, and overcoming global business change. What do I mean by online presence? The things I will help with are:

  • Building a website or auditing the existing website to check for improvements
  • Provide Hosting and Domain management (for anyone unaware hosting is the physical space a website takes up and the domain is the name typed after www. its a common misconception that the functioning website is the only cost.)
  • Provide SEO - (SEO or search engine optimization is how to make your website appear the top of the list in a google search e.g. if you're a plumber in Inverness I can  help you be top of the list in Google searches for a plumber.)
  • Provide security by preventing anyone from hacking into your website.
  • Provide ongoing support to make any edits or help in any way.
  • Backup and restore your website in case there are any problems.
  • Provide monthly reports on your website views, traffic, and other important metrics.

Why should anyone choose you when I can do it myself for free?

You can do it yourself for free with Wix, Squarespace, and any others you may find in a google search. What? Why am I telling you that? simple. My services aren't anything you can't do somewhere else but the difference is you will talk with a person there is no Chinese whispers between you, the customer service, and the technical team. Who sells the website is the same person who builds it, you interact directly with the web developer of your project. 

With low overheads, I can give you more value for your money when compared to most web design companies.

I will go above and beyond to keep you happy and assist you quickly, even during weekends and bank holidays. 

I will make your website look exactly how you want it, with free website builders you can often be restricted because you have to use their premade templates. I can build whatever you want.

You can buy hosting, domains, and SEO experts elsewhere and individually but not as affordable as me and not as standard with a website like me.

Some examples of what I will look for

Is your website mobile and tablet friendly? This is incredibly important because if your website doesn't respond you're cutting out a chunk of the market and let's be honest we have all been on rubbish websites where things don't work or even look fake because the site is just developed badly.


I can help a website look great in any format.


Are people finding your page on search engines? you can have a beautiful site which is pointless if nobody's looking at it.


I will fix your website issues and get your beautiful design front and center.


Who am I?

I am 29 years old, a father to two amazing children and husband to an amazing wife. I am a trained web developer and I am studying for an accounting degree with the open university I have worked for years practicing web development and really know my stuff. I have never managed to pursue a career in web development because of the funding needed and the obstacle of a long working week in retail.

I would like to make something positive out of the COVID-19 crisis. I can support my family by working from home and I can help others potentially do the same or just adapt to the changing work environment. I now have the time I needed to make this career happen and not be just a freelancer.

I am exploring all avenues for funding but unfortunately don't qualify for a business loan at this time and there are no grants available to support my idea. In the lockdown, I decided it is time to reach out in the hope that everyone is willing to back me, to help me, and to help others through me.

I will use the funds raised to start my business I have already bought the materials required I just need a helping hand to get up and running I am asking for £3,000 the breakdown of this is to cover a full year of overheads inclusive of advertising and insurance.

What am I going to do with your money

Well, I'm looking for at least £3,000 this is the minimum to get me fully operational that will cover my hardware and software (computer and antivirus), my overheads for a year (electricity, internet etc.), advertising (to get the word spread everywhere) and insurance (by getting insured I'm 100%  more likely to gain someone's trust.

Over and above that?

Anything I raise above my target is just as greatly appreciated as any donation and I'll use it to help fund subsequent years overheads and step up my advertising game Facebook ads, google ads, Instagram ads, etc. the list goes on.

Thanks for coming to check my project out I hope to gain your support. stay safe everyone.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Ask me anything

Are there any burning questions you have on website development? for a £5 donation, you can ask me anything on the subject whether it's hosting, domain, SEO, security, etc. I will help you out. Please E-mail question to

£10 or more

Money off Designigy services

Spare us a tenner to help a business you love get through whatever COVID-19 sends our way and you'll get £10 off Designigy services. Please E-mail contact information to

£25 or more

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Pledge £25 today and we'll let you know how your website is doing in a Google search and make some suggestions to improve your website ranking.

£50 or more

Website audit

Pledge £50 today and we'll reward you with a website audit I will let you know how your website is performing and offer suggestions on how to fix it. Is it responsive, is the design good, is it easy for users to get around?

£100 or more

The works

Pledge £100 today and we'll reward you with a website audit, an SEO check, and £10 off Designigy services. Please E-mail contact information to

£150 or more

A little bit more

Pledge £150 or more and be rewarded with A full website audit , an SEO check, and £50 off Designigy services. Please E-mail contact information to

£300 or more

Money off Designigy services

pledge £300 or more and you'll get a website audit, an SEO check, and £100 off Designigy services. Please E-mail contact information to

£600 or more

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You just bought a website

For a pledge of £600 or more, I will work with you to create a unique website for your business, host it for you, get the right name for you, protect it for you, get it ranking high on Google and be there to help you out through the whole process. start off by sending me an E-mail at

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