Zero Latency Wireless Monitoring Headphone Adaptor

by Jyezi2020 - Live Streamer & Broadcasting Musician in Woodville, England, United Kingdom

Zero Latency Wireless Monitoring Headphone Adaptor


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Wireless Zero Latency Monitoring Headphone Technology for Musicians - Live Streaming & Broadcasting Artists - Sound & Studio Engineers.

by Jyezi2020 - Live Streamer & Broadcasting Musician in Woodville, England, United Kingdom

I have been a part time live performing musician hobbyist for over 30 years. Since the Corona Pandemic I have been unable to perform any Live gigs. As such i have been streaming & broadcasting from my living room coffee table after purchasing some 2nd hand inexpensive Audio Interface equipment for this purpose.

I have 2 young children aged 10 yrs & 8 yrs who both love music instruments. 

Since i began Live Streaming due to Corona,  i have realised there are some technical problems that i had not been previously aware of before.


It’s problematic for many reasons. Some of those problems encountered is the need for any performer to be close to the audio interface in order to use wired headphones. Also this is not so child friendly as wires getring tangled up but also only one person at any given time can listen through the wired headphones ( primarily the performer ) Having an old pair of wireless headphones to hand i looked into connecting these to the audio interface headphone out port in some way.  I came up with the idea of a bluetooth adaptor, which i purchased from ebay for £8. I tried it, however there is a latency issue in that any signal is delayed by 2 to 3 seconds which to a musician is just not usuable. Having scoured the internet for any possible solution to this problem I also spoke  with many people in the Audio & Tech field about Wireless Monitoring Headphones that can be used for use with Audio Interfaces to which they all replied there is not any available for such purposes? The general consensus was as alot of wireless technology is now Bluetooth transmitted - Unfortunately Bluetooth currently cannot achieve such Monitoring of Live Audio transmission for use when using Any Audio Interface, as it creates severe Latency problems. In that using a guitar or microphone using bluetooth adaptors creates a delay in the signal to Bluetooth Headphones. I have done alot of research and found there is nothing currently on the market that can achieve this without this problematic latency delay.

It’s quite bizzare in this day and age of technology. My aim is not only to Research & Develop Wireless Monitoring Headphones and / or an Adaptor that is class compliant - compatible with current Audio Interfaces on the market to allow for this New Tech Possibility. I’m also willing to seek any possible investors into what could become a huge new tech business opportunity that could change the way people can monitor their music performance via their livestreams / podcasts & Broadcasts, but also not limited to performer only monitoring.  The uses for such technology are far reaching including Sound technicians and studio engineers & bands who can all monitor their live streams / studio work at the same time - Wirelessly with Zero Latency. 

Its a Brand New Tech concept with a very big demand for such hardware & software. 

Branding as W-AMT 

Wireless Audio Monitoring Technology. 

I would be keen to also welcome investors which could become potential shareholders in this business opportunity through their pledges & Tech Support.  It’s New - There is a big Demand for this technology & Currently Nothing is available on the Wireless Monitoring Audio market.

Together we can change that.


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A Wireless Audio Monitoring Adaptor

Upon reaching the required fund raising targets - The project will begin design phase. Once the product meets all the Audio Tech requirements for Live Stream Monitoring a product will be made as a prototype. Each person that has made the project possible with a £25 donation will receive a Wireless Live Monitoring Headphone adaptor & 5 Randomly drawn people will also become a Beta testers for the prototype model.

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