Design and Construction Software Development

by Mac Mackenzie in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

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To design and build fully integrated, end to end, cloud-based software platforms and programs for the wider design and construction sector.

by Mac Mackenzie in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

Executive Summary

“Every single industry is going through a major business model and technology-orientated disruption.” Aaron Levie, CEO, BOX. 

Construction, infrastructure, and mining – all industries that have traditionally been synonymous with antiquated processes and innate conservatism, making them slow to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving technology environments. 

If ever there was a sector crying out for change, it is here. But disrupt it with technology? And why introduce new and different ways to operate?

In much the same way that other industries that have actively embraced technological development and innovation, the construction sector must pay more than lip service to this. It is time for change. It is time to adapt quickly to meet the needs and exploit the opportunities offered by technology in the digital age. 

From remote checking and artificial intelligence through to drone monitoring and information modelling, the need to access and use data in a way that will improve the way the construction industry develops and improves productivity has become paramount.

 So, what will we do to emerge as the winner in the next age of construction?


Taking Advantage of Disruption - Are we prepared for the future?

 We must start preparing for the change of tomorrow, today. At ICDP, we do this by building a solid foundation based on the following principles:


Implement the plan to use, create and invest in developing software and technology.

The marketing and sale of software to the wider design and construction sector.

Redefine and challenge the way the design, infrastructure and construction sectors operate.

Improve productivity and decrease cost through digital collaboration tools.

A partnership model for the design infrastructure and construction division

The right people strategies and operational procedures to support virtual working practices.

Low overhead costs, with technology led business practises.

Build a better and more profitable portfolio by diversifying market and location dependencies.

The Solution and Method.

 To design and build fully integrated, end to end, cloud-based software platforms and programs for the wider design and construction sector.  

Working in the cloud (SaaS {Software-as-a-Service}) is our method of software delivery that will allow data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser, enabling integration with other commonly used apps and building a platform that is transferable across companies, geographies and markets.

Our design and construction management software manages a host of design and construction processes on a single platform and are designed and built with the underlying ability to work and interact seamlessly in the virtual world. Operating on SaaS platforms and ensuring ease of communication and the ability to share and interact with data from multiple files, locations and devices will be at the core of its functionality.

The software is built in interlocking steps from the bottom up, through to middle management, then on to the senior leadership teams and ultimately the board of directors. This development journey will ensure buy in, ease of functionality and enhanced productivity outcomes.

Intellectual Property Rights.

 The IDCP Group will have full ownership of all its intellectual property rights and propriety software programs.  

Funding Requirements.

 We are seeking £1,500,000 (£1.5M) in early-stage funding and with this round of funding, we will launch phase 1, namely the Design and Construction software package successfully onto the market during the latter half of 2022

This funding round supports:  

Software platform and program development, I.T. infrastructure, Sales & Marketing, Group Operations.


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