Operation Lotus - Love for an Indian street dog ❤

by Kirsty Beirne in New Delhi, Delhi, India

Operation Lotus - Love for an Indian street dog ❤
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Lotus is an Indian street dog who needs our help and a shot at a better life. Let's change the life of one beautiful little soul ❤

by Kirsty Beirne in New Delhi, Delhi, India

We found Lotus outside the grounds of the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, where she was roaming around the streets trying to find scraps of food left behind by the swarms of tourists that enter through the temple gates every day.

She was nothing but skin and bone, with one withered back leg and sores all over her tiny little body. People glanced over and grimaced before walking by, so it became the duty of two crazy European vegan dog-ladies (and some of our wonderful friends here in India) to spend as long as it took to find an organisation that could help capture this little angel and give her the urgent medical treatment she clearly needed.

After a lot of confusion and disagreement with the staff at the Lotus Temple who claimed to have been taking care of Lotus (they had not), she was finally taken in to one of Delhi's biggest animal rights NGOs and given medical treatment for blood parasites. Free from the blood parasites that would surely have taken her life, she has now been shifted to private medical boarding where she is being fed dietary supplements and regular meals, and is receiving medical care for the wounds on her back leg.

Medical boarding costs around £2 a day, so the plan for now is to at least keep her in boarding until her wounds heal and until she puts on some weight and starts to build some trust in humans. This would be at least a couple of months. We also hope to get her vaccinated against distemper, parvo and rabies, the first two of which are highly contagious and very easily spread in a kennel environment. She will also need to be neutered at some point to avoid bringing even more furry babies into desi dog world. 

If we can keep her in a safe environment and buy some time, then the chances of finding her an adoptive home will hopefully become higher. Ideally this would be back home in the UK or even here in India if there is a loving human who would love to give this innocent little soul a real shot at a beautiful life.

If this is you then I can promise you that I will do everything it takes to make sure Lotus has safe passage to her new loving home and has all the vaccines etc she needs to come back to the UK - all costs covered!! All you need to do is provide a forever home and give all the love and cuddles this pup needs.

This is why I am asking for help from my friends! If we can collectively ensure that boarding costs and vaccines are covered, then the chances of her adoption will hopefully increase and it means that we can facilitate a hassle-free adoption for both Lotus and her new family. 

All funds will directly go to Lotus' cause and towards helping individual cases of street dogs here in India that need our love. It's often hard to give money to big organisations, not knowing how your money is spent. But in small cases such as this one you can be sure that any amount of money, big or small, is going directly towards the care of our four-legged soulmates.

Anything you can contribute is MASSIVELY appreciated - and if you know of anyone who can offer Lotus the loving home she needs then please, please get in touch.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤


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