by Derventio Excel Swim Squad in Derby, England, United Kingdom


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Please help young Derbyshire Swimmers. We are appealing for financial support to help our talented young swimmers start pool training again.

by Derventio Excel Swim Squad in Derby, England, United Kingdom

Please help young Derbyshire Swimmers !1593265264_7ka497-v61a8tb2scaujjts3vlm.png1593264479_derventio-logo.png

We are appealing for financial support to help sustain our Club and talented young swimmers throughout the Covid -19 pandemic.1593264851_img_3585_(1).jpg

Derventio Excel delivers performance swimming for Derbyshire. We work with swimming clubs from all over the county to identify swimmers from the age of 10 with the attitude, capability and aptitude to excel in swimming to a high level. We support them on their journey from talented county swimmers, to regional and national level, and hopefully for some to the international stage. 1593350188_jw_european.jpg


We have the proven track record of success and the added benefit of our unique partnership model with Home Swimming Clubs means that our swimmers get access to performance level coaching and facilities, whilst still maintaining their relationship with their Home Clubs.1593263346_img_5939.png

We have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 situation. Not only have our swimmers been unable to access pool training, we have also had to cancel all of our 2020 Open meets (swim competitions ) which has had the effect of losing over 50% of our annual income. As a non-profit organisation this income is used to cover the running costs of the programme and offer enhanced training to ensure that our talented swimmers in Derbyshire can continue to excel.

We are appealing for financial support to help our talented young swimmers start pool training again, purchase any necessary equipment to allow us to restart training, and to help cover costs while Covid-19 restrictions are imposed.


Please help us continue our valued training and support programme for all our young swimmers across Derbyshire.

We have this fantastic opportunity to raise vital funds in partnership with Sport England. If they support us, their pledge will be up to 50% of out target. This means a possible £10,000 to help our club.1593265574_1500x500.jpg

We have launched this crowdfunding campaign to help the club bridge the financial issues faced that are being caused by the coronavirus pandemic to help secure our future. We are calling on all members, supporters of Derventio Excel, residents and businesses of Derbyshire and further afield to help us through this crisis with an immediate call for survival funds.

Can we raise the funds that will cover the revenue that Derventio Excel would have generated through competitions (open meets)  ? We appreciate this is a huge ask of our members and Derbyshire community during these extremely difficult times for individuals, families and companies.   

This is why the crowdfunding campaign has been launched, with a wide range of rewards, including many exciting goodies, discounted swim clinics, car washes and sponsorship opportunities.  1593265232_img_3580-225x300.jpg

 With your support today you can help ensure we cover some of these costs and that Derventio Excel will be able to provide safe and appropriate facilities to support sporting recreation when we reopen now and into the future. 1593265711_img_3587-225x300.jpg

Thank you in advance for your support. 


Your support will help us continue to inspire future generations of swimmers in Derbyshire. To learn more about our amazing squad and some of the swimmers you would be helping to fulfil their dreams and potential please see http://derventioexcel.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Quik_2020-02-23_15-55-07-1.mov and our website http://derventioexcel.org.uk

Thank 1592976287__dsc6469.jpgyou for helping us.


Let's make 'LETS GET BACK TO THE POOL !' happen

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