Setting up Coding Club in the Local Community

by Derby Coding Club in Chaddesden, Derbyshire, England

Setting up Coding Club in the Local Community

To setup a much-needed local community club to get young people from all walks of life equipped for the ever-evolving future.

by Derby Coding Club in Chaddesden, Derbyshire, England

We did it
On 19th October 2018 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporters in 42 days

About Us

I’m Dom, I’m 21 and a university student studying ‘Maths with Education’, with a keen interest in maths, logical thinking and the programming languages, scratch and python.

After receiving an injury while caring for disadvantage and vulnerable young people abroad on a summer activity camp just over two years ago, I am even more determined to make a difference and to share my knowledge, experience and learning through this new coding club venture.

I’m Ashley, I’m 35 and I’ve been writing HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script & Python programming language for many years as a hobby.  I want to share my knowledge back to the next generation of young people and inspire them to learn new skills in a creative and supportive environment.

Derby Coding Club

Derby Coding Club, is about encouraging young people to learn coding, computer literacy, problem solving & creativity skills, in an welcoming, engaging, fun & safe environment.

Leaning the skills to equip them for the ever advancing and changing world we are all a part of.

Learning in groups of likeminded young people allows help to also problem solve and share ideas and solutions, as well as their achievements and struggles.

We are interested in seeing the possibilities of young people’s, programming ideas and the abilities of the latest Raspberry Pi’s microcomputers being able to control real life objects in smart connected ways.

Our Clubs Ethos

  • Our Club is open to all youngsters in the local community between ages of eight and fifteen years regardless of ability.
  • To support the development of social skills and abilities to young people in our local community.
  • To promote, guide and teach Computers Skills, Computer Code Programming and Physical Computing and social interaction.
  • Everyone is to be treated as an individual and free from discrimination of any kind.
  • Open to all abilities.


We aim to be inclusive to all in our local community and are offering the club to all abilities between ages of eight and fifteen years old.

Older members will be encouraged to become helpers themselves helping to run sessions and share what they have learnt, also gaining skills to guild and coach young people.

FundingThe money generated by this funding campaign will allow us to purchase the equipment needed to set up eight workstations for the young people to access and use for the club’s activities.  

Further workstations will then be purchased as the club attracts more young people to its club sessions through donations and small fees for attending sessions.  

Risks & Challenges

At first a lack of interests was a concern but after conducting local research, we now have a list of local young people are waiting to access our session at the club and interests is growing week on week.

Cost was a real concern as one of our goals was access for all, we have managed to over come this by securing free venues from local housing association to host our clubs within the local community.

(There will be a small charge to cover insurance, running costs & expansion costs after our setup funding has been spent, we will have eight workstations to start with pending getting funding, for between eight and sixteen young people to use at the club, we will continue to expand our workstations as our young people numbers expand.)

Without funding we will be unable to purchase the equipment needed to enable the club to operate and meet its goals, however we feel that our funding target is both sensible and achievable.

We are also seeking local companies & business to support us through the recycling old computer equipment (Screens, keyboards, Mice, USB Hubs & Network Switches), which would reduce the initial set up cost of the eight workstation setup and enable us to set up more workstations from the start.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£36 or more

Life of Pi

Certificate and sticker of appreciation. A marketing package to include: #Thanks in Newsletter #Appreciation on all social Media Platforms #Website footer mention Also 1 free sessions for a child of your choosing

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Appreciation of Coding Club

An email of appreciation.

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Easy as Pi

An email and sticker of appreciation

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Slice of Pi

Email and sticker of appreciation. Thanks in Newsletter.

£50 or more

Pi Plus

Certificate and sticker of appreciation. A marketing package to include: #Thanks in Newsletter #Appreciation on all social Media Platforms #Website footer mention Also 2 free sessions for a child of your choosing.

£125 or more

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Whole Pi Workstation Sponsorship Package

Company name on workstation. Certificate and sticker of appreciation. Also: You'll feature on our homepage of our website including link to your own website. Feature in our newsletter also appreciation post on all our social media platforms. You'll also be able to gift 4 free sessions to a child of your choice.

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