Derby Youth Table Tennis Project

by Nigerians In Derby in Derby, England, United Kingdom

Derby Youth Table Tennis Project
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This project aims to bring young people from the African community together in Derby through table tennis, to improve community cohesion

by Nigerians In Derby in Derby, England, United Kingdom

Our vision is to hold an annual table tennis competition primarily for the Afro-Carribean community in Derby, bringing young people together, to give them positive activities to keep them away from being involved in any anti-social behaviour and develop a sense of community, promoting peace and unity.

The competition is scheduled to run for 4 to 6 weeks in a community centre in the Normanton area and will culminate in a prize-giving ceremony. 

The funding raised will be used to purchase a table tennis table, equipment, publicity costs, a t-shirt for each participant, cost of hiring the hall, trophies, medals and refreshments.

A lot of research has examined the impact of sports on physical and psychosocial health in children and adolescents, which shows that youth sport participants have higher levels of physical activity that positively influence physical and psychological health in adolescence and later life.

The benefits include -

Physical health - less body fat, reduced risk of obesity, higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness, stronger bones and muscles, increased likelihood of being physically active in later life.

Psychological health - higher levels of self-esteem and social connectedness, lower levels of depression, lower levels of suicide ideation or attempts, lower levels of problem behaviours (aggression problems, social problems and delinquency problems).

Academic performance - middle and high school athletes have higher grade point averages than non-athletes; grade point average increases as the number of sports teams participated in increases; school sports participation is associated with higher graduation rates and lower drop out rates; youth athletes miss less school and are more likely to attend college.

Health behaviours - consuming more fruit and vegetables, less likely to smoke, watch less television, more satisfied with their weight.

Social wellbeing - opportunities to make new friends, exposure to positive role models, opportunities to travel.


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