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My landlord has decided to end our tenancy which means I have to raise a deposit on short notice.

by Kate Flood in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

My landlord has decided to end our tenancy early for whatever reason, and I have to raise a deposit really quickly. Our tenancy ends at the beginning of September, and due to not having savings and having no family support, I need help raising this.

I feel really awkward doing a crowdfunder, but I've already been signed off for being suicidal twice this year and have been without a home before, and I don't want to be in that situation again. So if anyone does donate please use your name and send me a DM on twitter letting me know so I can gradually pay everything back.  This will be possible pretty quickly assuming we get our full deposit back from this place. Alternatively, I can write you something or you can make use of whatever one of my skills and we can negotiate a fee for it.

Ultimately, I want this to be a crowdfunded loan. I don't have a credit rating that'd allow me to get a ~proper loan~ so I'm kind of screwed. The full deposit will be at least £2000 because it's expensive here and everywhere wants rent in advance plus six weeks rent deposit, sometimes more because I don't have a guarantor.

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