D'Eon - The Play

D'Eon - The Play

The bizarre true story of Chevalier D’Eon de Beaumont: War Hero. Spy. Diplomat. Drunk. Transgender Provocateur.

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D'Eon - The Play

In 1769, at the age of 41, Monsieur Chevalier D'Eon de Beaumont - Spy, diplomat, decorated Prussian war hero and international bon viveur - emerged from his London apartments in female attire and spent the rest of his life as the woman she now said she always was. 

Proudly wearing the Chevalier d'Honneur medal on her flowing robes, she outraged and antagonised the whole of the French aristocracy, spending astronomical amounts of English Guineas and running up huge diplomatic debts fighting for her very existence and acceptance in an unforgiving world. 

This bizarre, true story is bold, challenging, provocative and painfully funny: reaching deep into our perceptions of normality, acceptability and promiscuity, setting a historical thumbprint on the way we live our lives in an "enlightened" twenty-first century. 

This is a brand new LGBTQ inspired historically based theatrical work that we will produce and premier in 2018, at Hope Mill Theatre (Manchester) as part of LGBT History Month 2018. 

We also aspire to programme further productions at venues across the United Kingdom in 2018.

Take a look at our web page for more information about the play: www.StraightActingTheatre.co.uk/deon


D'Eon - The Creative Team

61bf3e782c7cb7751ea284d2cd933a161f90b6dfThe Producer: Alan Stuart Malin has been involved in theatre performance since the early 90’s within both community theatre and professional contexts. For the past 10 years has also maintained high level senior positions within healthcare settings. In 2016 he set up The Straight Acting Theatre Company using his commercial business acumen with a view to establishing himself as an emerging theatre maker/Producer. In 2017, Alan has already successfully produced 5 LGBTQ inspired works which have been performed at Manchester venues: The Kings Arms and 53two.  Twitter: https://twitter.com/SA_TheatreCo

620ab7218d0429687997f9a9b3929c55d2b868fbThe Author / Director: Renny Krupinski is a dynamic Director at home with both the classics and contemporary work. He has directed for many quality companies, most notably Manchester Library and Oldham Coliseum and is always interested in challenging and inspiring propositions. He won a Best Director award for his play Bare at the Edinburgh Festival 2010. In 2014 he directed The Alphabet Girl at The King’s Arms Salford, The Edinburgh Festival 2015 and then at Oldham Coliseum Theatre Katie Crowder and The Alphabet Girl. Twitter: https://twitter.com/rennyfight

0181e73efcca8031b04298533ee2257e4673a9cbThe Lead Actress: Kaitlin Howard is an established professional actress, singer and combat performer with several notable credits on her CV.  She is also a fully qualified Stage Combat Instructor teaching with the Equity ratified Stage Combat organisation The Academy of Performance Combat, one of only three female Equity Registered Fight Directors in the UK. Kaitlin won a Manchester Theatre Award for her performance in The Alphabet Girl in 2014. Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaitlinJHoward

a667b9c25be87b97c16e4be192ef76138f85cdb9The Lead Actor: Will trained at Manchester School of Theatre and East 15, and most recently finished playing "Dave" in the acclaimed production of Alex Keelan's 'The Loves of Others'. This year he was nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award for his role as 'Josef K' in People Zoo's production of "The Trial". Will also produced and starred in his debut full length theatre piece as a playwright as one half of 'Swaggering Crow', which received full Arts Council funding and was a commercial, critical and community success. Film credits include "Hugo" in the upcoming feature film 'Why Hide', "Chris" in 'Step', and "Tom" in "Bedtime Story". He has worked with Gabriel Gavin, Helena Kaut Howson, Peter Clough. He was also nominated for the BBC Carlton Hobbs Radio Award for MST. Previous stage credits include Mellors in Lady Chatterley's Lover, Jack in Dancing at Lughnasa and Graham in Cleansed. Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeriousWill


D'Eon - The Reason We are Crowdfunding

In order to produce D'Eon, we humbly ask for your help to raise £1000. 

The Straight Acting Theatre Company is currently awaiting the outcome of various funding  and grant bids including an application for funinding to the Art Coucnil England (ACE). If successful funding is secured by the Production Team, we will be able to pay our Actors/Team an Equity wage and afford to produce the play to its fullest extent. 

Any additional funds raised through generous Crowdfunding donations will  go towards set design, costume, props, venue hire and special lighting effects. 

D’Eon will be our first major artistic project and will be the platform for the development of the organisation as a successful producing theatre company. We are confident that the new work fits perfectly with our artistic aspirations and our mission statement. 

With this project we will engage with as wide a range of audiences as possible including those new to the theatre and those from different social and economic backgrounds. It is important for our artistic development to appeal on both a creative and educational level. We are confident that producing D’Eon will encourage open and honest discussion about the range of modern themes presented to the audience including: LGBT issues; Gender identity; Political and Societal acceptance; Mental Wellbeing and Addiction. We will premier D’Eon as part of LGBT History Month 2018.  

We believe that everyone deserves fair and equal rights and we aim to work with, employ and have contact with people from all parts of society without discrimination. We welcome individuals from all theatre backgrounds, from those with experience or professional training to complete beginners and emerging talent. 

By producing D’Eon we want to provide a safe space from workshop through to full production for Actors to produce innovative, exciting and excellent theatre that promotes the art form including: Acting; Stage Fighting and Sword/Weapon Skills.

Any donation, no matter how big or small, will be greatly appreciated by all of us here. 

Thank you very much for reading and we look forward to seeing you in February at Hope Mill Theatre. 

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