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Changing private dentistry. We raise money to open up our London based dental surgeries by pre-selling dental treatments at a great discount

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This project will only be funded if at least £65,000 is pledged by 9:00am 21st August 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £65,000 is pledged by 9:00am 21st August 2018

Hey Guys, we came up with this crazy idea to change private dentistry in the UK forever, by offering the best private dental care with an affordable price and we really need your trust and support in this. 


I graduated in Dentistry in 2011 followed by an MSc from King's College London in Regenerative Dentistry where I studied possible applications of stem cells in teeth regeneration, I also hold a degree from London Business School in Entrepreneurship Strategies. Since then I worked in multiple dental practices and on  multiple business ventures, but I always dreamed of combining my passion for entrepreneurship and my skills in dentistry to create something that is truly unique. 

So we decided to create a whole new concept of corporate private dentistry where most of the establishing cost will come from pre-selling various dental treatments at a great discounts in form of pledges, as simple as that. Our backers will form the base of our patients which will allow us to start-up the businenss and continue offering dental services to other patients with a reasonable price. 


In form of pledges, you can choose the dental treatment you want at a great discount, ranging from a 30 min dental hygiene session to a one hour in-office bleaching using the latest technology in the market for 3 to 5 years, depends on the service, and you pay only once. HOW AMAZING IS THTA !!

Then you will receive a card like the one below, with your name, our contact details, the service you booked and for how long you are entitled to this service. That simple. Just give us a few month time until we get a dental surgery up and running and then you can get in touch to book your dental service regularly. We will also keep you posted at the end of this campaign until the surgery is ready. 

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What's the next step then ?

That's not it, we dream BIG. We plan to make Denta Clinics a group of dental clinics allover UK created by patients and for patients and this will allow us to continue offering the best private dental care for a reasonable price to the public. Therefore, a small chunk of the money raised will be used to build the online platform that will allow us to keep our backers / patients well informed and also keep offering dental services at a great discount for future expansions. We also plan to introduce a new concept of investing in businesses where anyone can make an informed decision by investing in a dental practice from as little as £100 and get a share of it's profit. 

The money will be used as follow


Location of the first surgery

We are considering a few options at the moment within East London and the South East, we will keep you posted for sure step by step.

We would love to hear from you all ;)




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