Democracy app for smartphones

by Dan Matis in London, England, United Kingdom

Democracy app for smartphones
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To develop a mobile phone app that allows direct democracy and direct voting to take place, bypassing the traditional electoral system

by Dan Matis in London, England, United Kingdom

Upon seeing the dramatic effects of mock up elections around the world,  where vote rigging and coercion has brought the most horrific regimes into power, and made life miserable for millions of people, I have concluded that now it's the time for change.  We live in an era,  where more than anytime in history,  the democratic and electoral process can be shifted from parliamentary and corrupt political classes, back into the hands of the people.  I envision a present and future where the voting process is not only limited to once every couple of years. The current system is flawed at multiple levels,  starting from the voting day,  when vote rigging, voting coercion,  and plainly voting exclusion of the electorate has been exploited by the political classes to come into power and decide policies that are against the will of the people and against the good of the people.  Political lies and false promises have been a strategy of the political parties for years, and also blame passing as a means of eluding responsibility.  What the world needs, and can have at the moment is a tool that can hold the political class responsible every month,  every week and eventually every day so that they make sure they do the job they were assigned to do. The modern smartphone, an invention that is no more than a decade old, and who has not reached the masses to its full potential yet,  promises an immense potential for direct democracy.  All it needs is an app carefully developed and designed around this concept,  that allows direct voting and unique voter identification, assuring the correctness and validity of the results.  According to statistics, between 40 and 70% of voters in various parts of the world have limited and reduced access to the electoral process for multiple reasons.  We can see this in the low electoral participation rates because the modern electoral systems wrongly assume that people are sedentary.  Human mobility has reached an all time high.  The electoral systems of states around the world need to realise that and come up with a solution to answer these modern challenges.  The app I want to develop answers all the issues raised above.  The app aims to be simple to install and use, and have all the checks and balancers in place to assure the quality, confidentiality and privacy of the voting data.  

The app development aims to proceed in 3 phases 

The development and beta stage where the app is created, deployed and tested, ultimately refined to its mass deployment form 

The live testing phases, when the app is heavily advertised and where the required criticall user mass is achieved to get the attention of the political class 

The final phase where the app becomes integrated in the UK's electoral system and accepted as a legitimate political tool with binding legal decisional vote 

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