Improving dementia education

To improve lives of people living with dementia, and their carers, and educate volunteers, students and professionals.

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Dementia is becoming more and more prevalent and touching many lives.

UK figures suggest that there are 850,000 people living with dementia today, expected to double by 2050 to almost two million.

We want to ensure people living with dementia and their families are supported through a greater understanding of the impact of dementia.

Your donation will help fund family carer and volunteer workshops in the Stirling area, create an online hub of information accessible to all, and enhance dementia study programmes by involving those living with dementia.

If you want to make a difference, please help us to raise vital funds to promote and improve the quality of life for those living with dementia.

Project Aims

1. To support an advisory group to involve people with dementia in our dementia-related courses, getting their points of view, feedback and suggestions of how to improve our teaching and learning. 

2. To deliver an educational programme to provide training and support for family carers and volunteers in Stirling and the surrounding area. 

3. Create an online hub of information accessible to all. 


The need for this project

Improving dementia care and practice is at the heart of our teaching at the University. While we have previously involved people with dementia in sharing their experiences of living with dementia, we want to go one step further and provide opportunities for people with dementia to contribute more directly to the development of our dementia studies course. We believe that their input into shaping our course will allow us to support people with dementia better. 

Many people with a dementia diagnosis are living within the community, at home or with carers. For the majority of family carers, it can be isolating and particularly challenging when there is little in the way of support. All too often, people with dementia and their carers are not given the information they need to understand and cope with a diagnosis. There is a growing reliance on third sector organisations to support them, many of which are staffed by volunteers. There is a need for an educational programme for people who are affected by dementia on a daily basis and do not receive the same training and support as professional staff. 

We want to fill that need by talking to volunteers, family carers and people with dementia to find out what they need before making an educational programme and virtual hub to gain a greater understanding and provide training and support. 

We know that people with dementia, their carers and volunteers can be better supported in the community. They can also help us better understand how to do this.822e79761c7e0808ed18f84d11534986c5646126


Our project

An advisory group of people living with dementia has been established in the last three months with a small grant from the University's Vice Chancellor's Fund. We are now seeking funding to sustain longer-term participation beyond an initial year of start-up work. If this campaign is successful we will be able to run an advisory group for five years. In those five years, we will continue to fundraise and find ways to keep the group sustainable for the future. Seven participants have already joined the group and we have run one workshop to explore ideas on important topics that they would like to see included on the course. We will be running three further workshops in different parts of the UK over the next three months to extend this involvement. We are also planning to involve people with dementia in other ways, such as contributing to online discussions with international students, and speaking to groups of students at Stirling about their experiences of living with dementia. To sustain this active involvement, we want to support this advisory group going forward for the next five years. 

Work has already commenced on the educational programme for family carers and volunteers. This element of the project will form of two phases and run over 18 months initially. Phase one, which has already commenced, will comprise of working with people with dementia, their carers and volunteers to create a face to face workshop for family carers and volunteers. The workshop will be piloted in Stirling to begin with. Phase two will be shaped by phase one. An online resource, based on the workshops, will be created to allow for a 24/7 resource centre for family carers and volunteers. It will act as support material for the face to face workshops as well as providing a vital source of support for those who are unable to attend the workshops. This element of the project is relying on funding from charitable organisations and individuals. Continuation of this will be subject to securing funding beyond this appeal. 



We are trying to raise £15K.

£5K - this will allow us to support the long-term involvement of an advisory group of people with dementia who volunteer to improve our education here at Stirling. 

£10K - This will allow us to receive a grant from RS Macdonald and allow us to complete the educational programme for family carers and volunteers in the Stirling area as well as create the online hub of information. 



This project has the potential to impact on many thousands of people. 

The advisory group will impact on all of our students who study dementia-related courses here at the University of Stirling as well as all of our volunteers who will be able to inform our students and academics and make a difference to dementia education. In turn, this will impact on the quality of dementia care, contributing to the development of good practice across diverse professions who support people living with dementia and their families.

The educational programme will impact upon all of the family carers, volunteers and people with dementia in Stirling and the surrounding area. This will have a much wider impact when we create the online learning hub which will reach out to anyone worldwide who needs the support with a dementia diagnosis or is simply interested. 

Ultimately, this project will aim to improve lives for people with dementia and provide them with a strong medium for communication to have a say in what this should look like. 



The advisory group:

  • Supporting people with dementia to participate and contribute to education
  • Placing people with dementia at the centre of our teaching practice at Stirling
  • Involving people with dementia to hear their perspectives about good quality care
  • Enhancing learning by teaching about the direct experience of living with dementia

Educational programme for family carers and volunteers:

  • Understanding dementia
  • Improving the quality of life of both the person with dementia and family carer (s)
  • A decrease in people's feelings of isolation
  • Increased levels of social contact and interaction
  • Increase in the carers' and volunteers' confidence to feel empowered
  • Promote personhood, to see the person and not just the diagnosis
  • To create a lasting resource of information, training and support



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Your support will have the power to support many thousands of people, both in the Stirling area and worldwide. 

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