Demented Eloquence (North)

To fund Demented Eloquence North, a spoken word and music show based in Aberdeen, between June and November 2013. Each month Richie Brown and Kit Fryatt will programme and host a three-hour (approx.) show featuring a headline spoken word act, at least one support spoken word act, a music act and an open mic. The money will be used to pay the travel and accommodation costs of visiting artists, publicity for the show, and prizes for the open mic.

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Help us bring some great spoken word acts to Aberdeen!

Demented Eloquence has been around in Aberdeen for quite a while.  It was founded a few years back by Rapunzel Wizard and has featured loads of amazing acts.  The Eloquence usually unspools at Cellar 35, a brilliant little music and performance venue / bar in central Aberdeen.

After the departure of Rapunzel for the green fields of Herefordshire, the night has been taken over by Richie Brown and Kit Fryatt, as Demented Eloquence (North).  Aberdeen! Herefordshire! The World! We're totally going to make it a global franchise.

Richie Brown is a performance poet, writer, storyteller and sound artist.  You can find out more about him at his website Whiffy Tidings.

Kit Fryatt is a poet, editor and performer.  She founded Wurm im apfel with Dylan Harris in Dublin five years ago, to promote experimental and performance work, and has been running Wurm solo since 2010.  She also runs Wurm Press.  You can find out more about her at Wurm im apfel's website.

We want to put on 6 three-hour (approx.) shows between June and November 2013, one each month.  Each show will feature a headline spoken word act, at least one supporting spoken word act, a musician or band, and an open mic.  Each evening will finish with tunes from resident DJ Dunproofin.  It's the only regular night of its kind--primarily about the verbal arts but also featuring music, and sound/spoken collaborations--in Aberdeen.

We love Aberdeen, it's a great city.  But when people come here they tend to notice that it's quite a long way from places that aren't Aberdeen, even other places in Scotland.  We want Aberdeen audiences to be able to experience the best in spoken word from this country and beyond.  Over the next six months, we have artists coming from Scotland, England and Ireland to perform at Demented Eloquence.  While those people are generous with their time and talent, we need some funding to cover their travel and accommodation costs.  We also want to stage a publicity campaign that means every Demented Eloquence is a sell-out show (in a good way; we're very authentic)! And finally, we want to get some prizes for the audience participation parts of the show that are every bit as silly as they've traditionally been, but don't have to be the result of Richie's infamous Poundland raids. At less than £170 per show, or less than a pound per minute, it works out at pretty good value, we think.

Our headline acts for the next six months include:

Jenny Lindsay: multiple slam winner, whose poems have featured on BBC Radio Scotland, the Rob Da Bank Show (BBC Radio 1), STV’s Nightlines, Channel 4 News and the BBC World Service. She's also one half of the performance duo Rally & Broad.

Harry Giles: activist, performance artist and "general doer of things", also a winner of many competitions, co-organiser of Edinburgh's amazing Anatomy experimental performance night.

Hello Poetry 2013: the Midlothian-based hub-collective goes on tour, with a varied line-up promoting collaboration, co-operation and creativity.

Blue Salt Collective: Aberdeenshire's own multimedia crew of dancers, poets, noisemakers, storytellers and visual artists.

Richard Tyrone Jones: global maestro of cardiomyopoetry, sometime director of spoken word at the Edinburgh Free Fringe, mystery tour misguide, founder of Utter!--oh, and Daljit Nagra reckons he's  a "wonderful compere and poet".

Droppin the Act: Dave Lordan and Karl Parkinson are two of Ireland's best-known performance poets.  Together they are the mesmerising, absorbing soundbuzz that is Droppin the Act.

There'll be a wealth of talent represented among the support acts and musicians, too.  We really want to bring these fantastic acts to our audience, and make that audience bigger too.  

Please help!

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