Demand real scrutiny of Brexit!

by European Movement UK in London, England, United Kingdom


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The impact of this hard Brexit is far-reaching and we need real scrutiny – before it’s too late. Support the campaign!

by European Movement UK in London, England, United Kingdom

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julia foster 19th June 2021

This proposal is absolutely appalling - from chlorinated chicken to drugged and tortured animals this government seems to be determined to do anything, including destroying our farming and fishing industries in order to prop up their inept and useless policies

Teresa Mellor 18th June 2021

We will be less safe and less healthy if these deals go through. Protect our children and those who cannot afford expensive foods at the butchers.

Sarah Chilton 18th June 2021

Standards are important -don't underestimate them. -Protect them now; once they start to slide, it will quickly become a race to the bottom, taking you & your loved-one's quality of life and health with them...

Yvonne Wilson  18th June 2021

I think this Government is behaving recklessly and threatening our farming standards and your livelihoods. It's shameful that you have been put in this position. Keep on fighting to save our farming community.

graham skinner 18th June 2021

Make continuous examples of the gains and losses of Brexit and and show all costs incurred before Brexit even started and publish on a monthly basis

Richard Moody 18th June 2021

The truth and detail is important here.The government seems desperate to get trade deals at any immoral ,financial and trumpeting cost.You can get by without accurate detail whilst heralding the awakening of global Brittain.

Kate Quested 18th June 2021

Government are ruining British farming. Australian deal preposterous- handing huge advantage to Australian farmers over British. Policies need a rethink.

basil.birkin 18th June 2021

Saying whatever it takes to please the voters and then doing the opposite has become the standard for the Johnson government - time to hold them to account!

Chris Horne 17th June 2021

Johnson's habit of lying about this 'oven-ready' deal and then clamping down on the resulting bad publicity is despicable and only is supported by extremist EU haters. Tories must wake up.

Ann Jungman 17th June 2021

I would feel much happier in a world in which animals were treated well and as autonomous beings and not just there for human enjoyment, whether as food or entertainment. This campaign seems to me to bring us closer to this and then maybe humans will be nicer to each other and less destructive.

martin-kilbey 11th June 2021

This is going to be a long campaign - but getting attention and publicity about inappropriate Government activity during and long after Brexit will erode the complacent beliefs of the Brexiteers. Keep going!

Let's make 'Demand real scrutiny of Brexit!' happen

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