Delta S at Unit 10

Resources for building machines and props for my solo show Delta S as part of a community engagement arts project in Unit10, Bristol.

We did it!

On 6th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £193 with 15 supporters in 28 days

Who am I?

In 2009 I graduated from Newcastle University, UK with a Bsc (hons) in Mathematics, specialising in cryptography, topology and abstract algebra.

...and then I ran away to the circus.

With a solid foundation in parkour and freerunning I have now expanded my physical skill set to include both solo and group acrobatics, juggling and wall trampoline. I have also grown to be a highly competent aerial rigger and counter-weighter; a natural transition from my academic work. Equally comfortable working in large ensembles as I am working on my solo material I look to bring my full range of abilities to all my work and I'm happiest when combining skill sets. 

In 2016 I will be touring with Nofit State Circus' “Block” alongside development of my solo show “Delta S”.

What is Delta S?

Delta S, or as I prefer ΔS is about chaos, about entropy and its many form. It’s about divergent thinking and linear ideas. It’s about the way that we approach problem solving, both on a personal level and beyond. It is a developing piece of circus theatre which combines juggling, tumbling, creative rigging with my own geeky personal outpourings. 

Delta S began in a notebook, as a list of machines, things I wanted to make. Few of them had beginnings and none had an ending. And this is largely how the show really began, I did some shopping and then Saz and I hung out in a workshop and made things, out of bits of string and the sorts of things that you find in that drawer you have in the kitchen called “misc.”

In September I did my first stage of development working with Edward Rapley (Outside Eye), Saz Moir (Prop design support and construction) and Tarn Aitken (Rigging mentor). I am now making plans to move the piece forwards towards being a finished show. this was supported by Nofit State Circus through the Up and Out Network and Arts Council England. 

Unit 10 will be the second stage of development focussing on the props of the show. 

What will I be doing at Unit 10?

Unit 10 is an old healthfood shop turned art space with the aim of promoting a diverse and dynamic range of artistic activities. I will work directly with the community of Bedminster, an area in South Bristol allowing the public to engage with and contribute to my work in a way rarely seen.

This project will be all about building the machines and contraptions that are at the heart of my show, I feel the best way of doing this is to invite everyone into that process, to let other people into my head and allow me to get into theirs.

These props are the result of seeking answers to questions like “what happens if you make a sand timer with bouncy balls?’ and ‘can you make a bicycle climb a rope?’ My initial £500 goal will go towards materials for prop building including slinkys, blackboards, traffic cones, plastic pipes and more bouncy balls! You know, the essentials…

I will be opening up the door on my creative process and letting everyone come in and join me with what I’m doing. Everyday I will be demonstrating machines I’ve just created, explaining how they work and finding out how other people would tackle whatever challenges I’m working on that day.

With this residency I will be talking my art right into the heart of this community and encouraging everyone to get involved, making this an immersive and inclusive experience for people of all ages and walks of life inviting people to join me and share my enthusiasm for science, mathematics, machines, automation and play.

I have some great perks available to backers so have a look and please come and visit me during my residency (March 18th - April 4th)

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