Delphi Hypnotherapy, specialising in hypnobirthing

by Sandie M Crystal in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

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To assist both parents to participate with confidence in delivering their baby. In a pain managed environment, that is also calm and quiet.

by Sandie M Crystal in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

Who am I?

Welcome my name is Sandie and I am a registered hypnotherapist (registered with the GHR). I have chosen to specialise in hypnobirthing. As a hypnotherapist I have worked with smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias, self confidence and regressions. As a hypnotherapist I have an arsenal of tools to help expectant parents, from stopping smoking to self confidence and most importantly the birth.

Pregnancy can be both an exciting time and an absolutely terrify time. The responsibility of bring a child into this world with all the chaos and confusion surrounding our busy modern lives it can be daunting. Will we manage on our salaries, can we pay the rent and how much will the heating go up by, these things are normal and most of our parents can alleviate these fears. However, with all good intentions our families and friends start to relay the horror stories of labours and deliveries. Most expectant parents at this stage are terrified and ready to run for the hills. This is where you can rewrite your story. So how does it work?

What is Hypnobirthing?

Women's bodies are designed to conceive and grow a baby, a miracle called pregnancy, therefore it can also deliver a baby. This is very generalised and yes there are times when medical intervention is needed, however, the majority of births don't need medical help. Hypnobirthing helps a woman to deliver in a natural way, as has been done for centuries. Our bodies are designed to do this. Hypnobirthing teaches women to works with their bodies, it helps to release fear and negativity about the delivery, all those horror stories can be left as others, not yours. It is a pain management method using hypnosis, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques. It is also about perineal massage.

 I will cover the following topics.

  • Hypnosis, how it works and a brief history.
  • Birthing plans - What are they and are they necessary?
  • Water births.
  • Home births.
  • Breathing techniques and natural hormones.
  • Episiotomy and perineal tears.
  • Perineal massage.
  • Anticipated birth date.
  • Hypnobirthing language.
  •  Audios to help with achieving a deep hypnotic trance.
  • Dad's/Birth coach's important role in the delivery.

How does it help?

Please remember we are all individuals so these statement are generalised.

  • Labour is generally quicker.
  • Less medical intervention is needed.
  • Less medication (air and gas) is needed.
  • More natural birth, in a quiet calm manner.
  • Less pain or more manageable discomfort.
  • Less tearing or need for an episiotomy.
  • A higher APGAR score for the new arrival.

How is this taught?

All of this will be covered on a one to one basis. The sessions are over a 5-week period, lasting approximately 2.5 hours. There is also vital homework issued to all couples. These exercise help on the big day.  As I work alone, I can work to meet your needs. If for example, you start the course at week 20 of the pregnancy, your final session would be a refresh session closer to the anticipated date of the birth. where we can recap all that has been taught and help with any questions or fears that might have arisen. I am also available if an "induction" is needed. For example, If the due date has passed the medical professionals may feel that it is important for the baby to be born as per the NHS protocol. Hypnosis is so powerful I, with the help of a hypnotic trance would make suggestions, that if the baby is ready to be born,  the body should start the birthing process. Please note that if the induction is for pre-eclampsia or any other medical emergency, I would defer to the medical staff's knowledge and will not interfere.

Medical Professionals

Midwifes and our amazing NHS staff are under immense pressure,  and unfortunately, due to time constraint don't always have time to assist with the fears and anxieties of the process that you are about to go through. As a result of the daily stresses our Midwives have to deal with, they have to concentrate on the physical wellbeing of Mum and baby. Yes, they do offer as much information and care as they can and the work that they do is never really appreciated. I however, as  a hypnotherapist, can help by listening, to the fears and anxieties that arise and if this is a second birth I can help clear previous traumatic experiences, explain the terminology used by the medical staff and explain the options the expectant parents have with the delivery/birthing process.

Dads (Birthing Coaches)  

Why do I say birthing coach? Sometimes life gets in the way and Dad is unable to be at the birth, military duty etc. A trusted relative or friend can step in and be that special  person to help with the birthing process. If there is any uncertainty to Dads availability to be at Mums side at the birth, I would automatically include a the third person to be that Coach, but it must be noted that the replacement coach must sign up for the duration of the course and delivery.

 Expectant fathers are under immense pressure to help their partners, but they aren’t sure of how to do this, I will cover these topics too. The father’s role as head coach and team leader of the birthing team is vital, he needs to speak up for Mum, whilst Mum is busy birthing the baby. He needs to be able to take control of the birthing plan, fill the pool if a water birth is part of the plan, he also need to keeps Mum hydrated and help to keep her in her special zone. All of these skills are taught and I urge both parties to practice the processes .

In conclusion

Many parents suffer from PTSD as a result of deliveries, not going as anticipated, for example a tummy birth (a Caesarean section) might have to be done. The parents feel that they have lost control or things felt as if they were out of control. All of this is avoidable and we need to help people deliver healthy babies. As a result of hypnobirthing less mum suffer from post natal depression, if you think your partner is suffering from postnatal depression please get medical help. It should also be noted that there are studies that say Mum are not the only one that suffer post natal depression.

The big question is does hypnobirthing work? Well our own Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has had three babies using hypnobirthing.

My Vision

I would dearly love the opportunity to walk this part of your life's journey, by helping you to birth a beautiful baby. I am situated in Carlisle, but am able to take my skills to all corners of the world thanks to the internet. If I am able to raise the money I would use it to upgrade my camera and microphone equipment for internet consultations and creating YouTube videos. So that I could connect with more people and share my knowledge. I could also fund a webpage with blogs and information for all my subscribers.

I thank you for reading to the end and ask that you consider my request to take this amazing skill to more people in the world.


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