Delight in Watts

Delight in Watts

Help 30 disadvantaged children take part in an immersive arts experience, improving classroom engagement and literacy outcomes.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £530 with 4 supporters in 63 days


Delight is a Surrey based charity. We provide disadvantaged primary school aged children with immersive arts experiences. Our aim is to increase children's literacy outcomes, improving each child's chances in life both socially and academically. 

Delight in Watts is an arts and literacy project for disadvantaged children. The project is in partnership with Watts  Gallery Artist Village and 10 Surrey primary schools, where over 40% of children are classed as living in poverty. 

The children we support have a deficit of life experience, this deficit impacts the children's ability to connect with education. As one of our teachers put it:

'To write well you need to be able to speak well. To speak well you need to know something, to experience it and enjoy it'

 Delight in Watts provides a powerful hook to engage children with learning.  Delight in Watts increases classroom engagement, attitudes towards learning and parental engagement all needed for children to achieve well in school.

Delight in Watts provides a platform where parents and the wider Surrey community can celebrate the children's artistic achievements  which in turn will increase each child's self esteem, sense of belonging and value of learning. 

Delight in Watts 2017

  • The children will spend an immersive day at Watts Gallery Artist Village taking part in a creative workshop - anything from print making to sculpture.
  • Over the following four weeks the children will work with two professional artists to create their own individual painting. Each child will have five sessions with the professional artists.
  • Teachers use the stimulus from both the gallery and artists to support literacy work in class.
  • The children's art work is exhibited at Watts Gallery Artist Village for one week and the exhibition is open to the general public.
  • The children's parents are invited to the opening of the exhibition. Transport is provided so that all parents have the opportunity to attend.
  • Each child takes home their art work at the end of the project.

Feedback from this years Delight in Watts pilot programme - one class of 23 children

'Jamie's literacy levels have improved and he appears to have 'woken up' and become far more alert and engaged as a result of the project' Year 4 teacher

During the pilot this year we saw an overwhelming response from parents, 60% of parents signed up to come to the opening exhibition. The classroom teacher reported that on average they engage 2 or 3 parents and this level of parental engagement is unheard of. 

'Olivia is from a travelling family and it has been historically challenging to engage any members of the family in school life. Olivia gave us all a real shock at Watts Gallery exhibition day when she brought her sister along! Unheard of, the breakdown of barriers between home and school' Year 4 teacher

The children's exhibition was such a success that Watts Gallery Artist Village extended the exhibition for a further four weeks. 

'Your children have really been grabbed by Ancient Egypt. What a marvellous collection of your visual impressions' - one of the many comments left in the comments book by a Watts Gallery Artist Village visitor

Delight's  pilot project proved that when children are immersed in arts experiences which relate to their classroom learning, amazing results can be achieved. Providing experiences, engaging parents and increasing individual confidence really does improve literacy attainment. 

Our aim for 2017 is for the project to reach  year 4 children across our 10 supported schools.

By supporting Delight's  crowdfunder appeal you will  fund 30 disadvantaged children taking part in the Delight in Watts Programme. Any stretch funding will enable more children to take part in the project. Please help us reach our target. Many thanks for your time and support.



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